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December 2, 2013

Confusion in the Metaverse


I had a conversation with a friend while I was grid jumping some (several…) weeks ago. Maybee not all ppl know that we can talk to friends in other grids while grid jumping.

And if you have an account in OSgrid you can sometimes even get a home in some of the smaller grids keeping your avie and inventory from Osgrid. So I had just jumped from OsGrid to Metropolis when I got this Im from a friend who lives in yet another world (lets call it Xgrid):

(my friend wanted to be anonymous in this conversation). 

– Friend: Hello! Turns out your name is lit up on my Friends list in “Xgrid”. Does that mean you are here? Or you are somewhere else?
– Mera.Kranfel: Im in Metropolis
– Friend: so which account are you using right now?
– Mera.Kranfel: OsGrid
– Friend: let me log my OSgrid account on
“Friend” is Online
– Mera Kranfel: Hi
– Friend: Hello!
– Mera Kranfel: so I have 2 “Mr Friend” now :D
– Friend: Think of the possibilities!
– Mera Kranfel: :}
– Friend: yeah, well you can tell that other “Friend” – i know what he’s saying about me behind my back
– Mera.Kranfel: so u are listening in on us? D:
– Friend: wasn’t intentional
– Mera.Kranfel: stalking yourself? uh huuu
– Friend: sorry, lol
– Mera.Kranfel: that Is creepy indeed
– Friend: it’s very weird, lol
– Friend: i’m trying to think of what it compares to…but i can’t, lol
– Mera.Kranfel: u just invented it
– Friend: Dueling “Friend” or Stereo “Friend”
– Mera.Kranfel: u make me totally confused man :)))
– Friend: and you thought one of me was a handful :)
– Mera.Kranfel: this is how you get the ladies on their back? bah
– Mera.Kranfel: spin them around til they are totally confused
– Friend: actually i never tried it this way before
– Mera.Kranfel: hahaahah
– Mera.Kranfel: so im the first victim, what an honour
– Friend: i’m going to log this account out before other people start IMing me…cuz I’m supposed to be on XX grid,
– Friend: and i’m confusing myself now
– Mera.Kranfel: ya u do that *spanks “Friend”*

Pic: my home, obviously, but in which grid? :}

October 21, 2013

My Avatar’s Private Life with Rodvik Linden

This is 2 of Strawberry Singhs monday memes in 1 blogpost. The first task is to take a picture of what your avatar might be doing after you hit that logout button. Do our avatars have a mind of their own with their own style preferences and activities? The other meme I used is “Flat Rodvik Linden”… hmm how do i describe that? Links at the bottom of this posting.

I got curious and decided to spy on my virtual self and this is what i found:


She is working for the firebrigade/rescue team together with Rodvik Linden? It seems he had some troble with creators after the last TOS update. They seems to pass out now and then due to high blood pressure, so he needed to employ more people in his rescue team. And he have to do the dirty work himself as u dont see that many Lindens around these days. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Very thoughtful of him i´d say!

0helicopter pilot_001

She also works extra as helicopter pilot and ambulance nurse. My god! I asked her why and she admitted she wasnt satisfied with her small Linden Home, she wants a mansion… @_@ Thats why she works extra and this kind of work seem to be good money. But is it just the money? U know how it is, easy to fall in love with work mates…. and he is handsome, isnt he? The geek look with those huge thick glasses, some girls love that…


Poor girl and I didnt have a clue… maybee she needs more pocket money? We have to talk about this Linden home, but I find it so convenient…. (and cheap) The only option I see now is to spend more time inWorldz instead. In that grid we can afford a manson  :):)


Strawberry! Sorry for this mess! But I cant keep up with your memes so I had to combine them :):) 

Strawberry Sing Flat Rodvik Linden meme:

Strawberry Singh Private Life meme:

Flat Rodvik Linden:

Location, “We are ready when u are not” Rescue team:

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September 2, 2013

How to NOT get the girl

Internet drowns in more or less successful stories on how to GET the girl. So what? Does men always want the girl? Proudly presents the art of how to NOT get the girl- the Vesper way:

1. Fall asleep on  a date with your head on the plate

2. Try to pick up your mother in law

3. Take your girl on an uncomfy fishing trip

4. Make her faint and brag about it in public:

5. Feed her chocolate and then tease her when she gets fat

6. Always smoke and dance at the same time (old Vesper Kling trick. All girls HATES that)

7. Flirt with her friends and piss of their husbands

8. If she is a vegetarian, take her to dinner and BBQ a cute Meeroo

These advices are failproof as Vesper himself has tested them all (and some more..). Do you have more tips and tricks please share!

July 25, 2013

Runaway Bride

There was a  little conversation on the beach inWorldz last week I forgot to mention. Somehow it had escaped Leannas mind she was actually married to Vesper and now had tangled herself into some kind of relation with a grid monkey (Jim I advice you not to set foot on the same region as Vesper….) :

– Vesper Kling: U know kahlan, Leanna and I are married…
– Leanna Caerndow: ruh oh
– Vesper Kling: i never heard anything about a divorce anyhoo
– Kahlan Paneer: she failed to mention this
Leanna Caerndow iz in trouble
– Kahlan Paneer: were you forced into the marriage, vesper?
– Leanna Caerndow: we were never married!
Leanna Caerndow flails
– Vesper Kling:
– Leanna Caerndow: omg no XD
– Vesper Kling: a pic never lies
– Leanna Caerndow: LMAO I almost forgot that :D
– Vesper Kling: :}
– Kahlan Paneer: LELE!
– Vesper Kling: u see she tries to look innocent…
– Vesper Kling: and when i turn my back…
– Leanna Caerndow: >.>
– Vesper Kling: ill get backatcha dont worry sweetie ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: yah that’s what worries me
– Kahlan Paneer: yes but she is unable to pull it off
– Leanna Caerndow: I *am* innocent
– Leanna Caerndow: :(
– Kahlan Paneer: not even in your dreams (I soo agree!)

Vesper sends a lovesong to his inworldz beach babes, the best version ever so dont miss this!: I give u InWorldz girls(?) with David Le Roth

July 22, 2013

Embarrassed by a Mesh Deformer inWorldz


– Vesper Kling: you realise you are half nekkid?
– Leanna Caerndow: what? are my boobs showing?
– Vesper Kling: Do you want a pic?
– Leanna Caerndow: yes please XD

Vesper continued talking to Leanna, patiently waiting for her to put some clothes on. But she didnt seem to remember she was nekkid so he thought he needed to remind her:

– Vesper Kling:hrmm.. so… why dont u have clothes on??
– Leanna Caerndow: am on IW viewer which has the mesh deformer
– Leanna Caerndow: I wear mesh
– Vesper Kling: *blushing*
– Leanna Caerndow: doh!
– Vesper Kling: lol
Leanna Caerndow turns around
– Leanna Caerndow: jeeze louise

So Leanna put on a censored sign and Vesper could start breathing again ;)

She explained that inWorldz had hired ex-Linden programmer Karl “Qarl Fizz” Stiefvater to improve and implement his mesh deformer inWorldz. The deformer sees to that clothes fits in all sizes without alpha layers. 1 size fits all. Its amazing!  I never realised Quarls mesh deformer was this good until I saw it with my own eyes today…

Read on in NWN:

Inworldz forum:

If you want to experience Leanna with clothes here is a link to inworldz mesh viewers. (pink section to right):

If not, just continue use the V1 same page to left :P

So this is how Leanna actually looked like if Vesper have had a proper mesh viewer. But I suspect he will continue with his old viewer..  ;)


Pic by Leanna; I had to take a screenshot that´s why its blurry

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