My Avatar’s Private Life with Rodvik Linden

This is 2 of Strawberry Singhs monday memes in 1 blogpost. The first task is to take a picture of what your avatar might be doing after you hit that logout button. Do our avatars have a mind of their own with their own style preferences and activities? The other meme I used is “Flat Rodvik Linden”… hmm how do i describe that? Links at the bottom of this posting.

I got curious and decided to spy on my virtual self and this is what i found:


She is working for the firebrigade/rescue team together with Rodvik Linden? It seems he had some troble with creators after the last TOS update. They seems to pass out now and then due to high blood pressure, so he needed to employ more people in his rescue team. And he have to do the dirty work himself as u dont see that many Lindens around these days. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Very thoughtful of him i´d say!

0helicopter pilot_001

She also works extra as helicopter pilot and ambulance nurse. My god! I asked her why and she admitted she wasnt satisfied with her small Linden Home, she wants a mansion… @_@ Thats why she works extra and this kind of work seem to be good money. But is it just the money? U know how it is, easy to fall in love with work mates…. and he is handsome, isnt he? The geek look with those huge thick glasses, some girls love that…


Poor girl and I didnt have a clue… maybee she needs more pocket money? We have to talk about this Linden home, but I find it so convenient…. (and cheap) The only option I see now is to spend more time inWorldz instead. In that grid we can afford a manson  :):)


Strawberry! Sorry for this mess! But I cant keep up with your memes so I had to combine them :):) 

Strawberry Sing Flat Rodvik Linden meme:

Strawberry Singh Private Life meme:

Flat Rodvik Linden:

Location, “We are ready when u are not” Rescue team:

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4 Comments to “My Avatar’s Private Life with Rodvik Linden”

  1. hahaha hilarious and brilliant! Loved that you combined them.

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