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October 1, 2013

The Biggest Copybotter in the Metaverse?

“….This is exactly what Marketplace was built and designed for. To parse millions of things and allow people to sell one item of interest. The most important content deemed “worth” selling is already parsed and categorized thanks to you, the community. Making a copy of Marketplace as a system and repurposing it as an Indie Developer content service for Desura would entail flipping a couple of content permission switches and readjusting the percentages in favor of Linden Lab.

As seen with recent viewers, it’s perfectly feasible to export content as a Collada model and even with the textures – so long as you have full permissions on the item. But then, who controls the master switch for content permissions, eh?

This puts Linden Lab squarely in the realm of the biggest Copy-Botter outfit in Second Life.” ~ Will Burns – Andromeda Media Group

He just might be on to something big here…. Read on:

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September 12, 2012

Second Life goes Steam!?

“The change has come gradually starting with Mesh and some simple quest games on the new Linden Realms. Then came their faltering attempts to roll out Pathfinder tools, and now they announce the Lab’s intention to get listed on Steam, albeit very quietly.” ~ Gaga Gracious

Inspired by this I tried Drone War with a friend the other day. Got killed of course as an atomic bomb detonated right into my face D: (Even if im dead my make up and hair still looks ossum :}

SLurl DroneWar:

More in Gaga Gracious last brilliant posting, read on: Second Life the Video Game according to Iron Man Rodvik

Linden Lab are obviously trying to get Second Life listed on the Steam Commity:

Second Life community is boiling (or steaming?) right now…. To be continued…

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