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July 24, 2013

Meras rezzday inWorldz

Today 2010 Mera Kranfel rezzed inWorldz. She had began to feel stale in Second Life and needed to move on. A lot of water has been floating under the bridges since that time and inWorldz has evolved to a very competent virtual world. A few days later, 2nd of august, her “good for nothing” brother Vesper Kling followed her. The rest is history ;)

This was the start of a great adventure and it was the beginning of wonderful friendships inWorldz but also in the open metaverse. And that will continue!

Hugs all friends inWorldz and in the metaverse, lubs u <3

October 26, 2012

How I found Second Life

Yes this is why and I spend my first weeks in Second Life trying to find this blue bear avie though I had no money and no luck I stayed anyhoo. It was my childhood dream come true :O)

This is no deep and profound explanation but its the truth. It looked fun and it is STILL fun! :D :D

Yes I became 4 years in Second Life yesterday and my friends celebrated me <3 We had a small party as Im not a party animal and they are well aware of that ;)

I even got a cake with 4 candles :`)

Alf was DJ and it was totally ossum. Eventually Alf played the tunes I love, like his own Techno tune and Swedish house mafia *_*

I hardly believe im still here after 4 years…So thanks to CSI Im still stalking u my friends <3

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