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December 26, 2013

What is left

0shopping Glam Fashion district_001

The world looks different today than it did some months ago. It has changed somehow. I cant point out exactly how, maybee the colour of they sky? Or maybee the birds sings a different tune…and the pizza tastes peculiar. The difference is small, but significant.

Soon this year will come to an end and 6 months has gone by since that unthinkable day in july and I cant do a rollback and restore with backup. I cant say goodbye either, the moment is forever gone.

Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.
― Edna St. Vincent Millay


Pic 1 from inWorldz “Glam Fashion District”

Pic 2 from Second Life:

July 25, 2013

Runaway Bride

There was a  little conversation on the beach inWorldz last week I forgot to mention. Somehow it had escaped Leannas mind she was actually married to Vesper and now had tangled herself into some kind of relation with a grid monkey (Jim I advice you not to set foot on the same region as Vesper….) :

– Vesper Kling: U know kahlan, Leanna and I are married…
– Leanna Caerndow: ruh oh
– Vesper Kling: i never heard anything about a divorce anyhoo
– Kahlan Paneer: she failed to mention this
Leanna Caerndow iz in trouble
– Kahlan Paneer: were you forced into the marriage, vesper?
– Leanna Caerndow: we were never married!
Leanna Caerndow flails
– Vesper Kling:
– Leanna Caerndow: omg no XD
– Vesper Kling: a pic never lies
– Leanna Caerndow: LMAO I almost forgot that :D
– Vesper Kling: :}
– Kahlan Paneer: LELE!
– Vesper Kling: u see she tries to look innocent…
– Vesper Kling: and when i turn my back…
– Leanna Caerndow: >.>
– Vesper Kling: ill get backatcha dont worry sweetie ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: yah that’s what worries me
– Kahlan Paneer: yes but she is unable to pull it off
– Leanna Caerndow: I *am* innocent
– Leanna Caerndow: :(
– Kahlan Paneer: not even in your dreams (I soo agree!)

Vesper sends a lovesong to his inworldz beach babes, the best version ever so dont miss this!: I give u InWorldz girls(?) with David Le Roth

July 19, 2013

Leanna and the Sun Chair Trap

Vesper visited inWorldz the other day and had a hard time recover his own shape as the old shapes was out of date and clouded him. So he asked Leanna for advice but was that a wise thing to do?

After Leannas good “advice” he lost all his clothes and were standing nekkid as God (?) had created him (see yesterdays posting) in front of the whole grid. Apparently Leanna was fully aware of his predicament…

So he dressed quickly and got a TP to Leanna and 1 of her friends laying on some beach chairs. What was her plan?


– Leanna Caerndow: woot!
– Leanna Caerndow: Vesper, meet Kahlan :D
– Vesper Kling: jeeezz
– Leanna Caerndow: Kahlan, meet Vesper :D
– Leanna Caerndow: Vesper is utterly overdressed  (that makes me feel safe u know….)
– Vesper Kling: Kahlan, nice to meet you
– Kahlan Paneer: hi vesper
– :: STOP
– :: Restart
– Vesper Kling: my God what are u doing? (Leanna was messing with the sit balls…)
– Vesper Kling: i wouldnt touch those beds (looked more like a bed than a chair..)
– Vesper Kling: >.<
– :: sit m1
– Leanna Caerndow: LOL
– Vesper Kling: dont try!
– Leanna Caerndow: they’re clean :(
– Vesper Kling: lmao
– :: sun 1
– Vesper Kling: i think ill stand… (knowing Leanna since years back…)
– Leanna Caerndow: pffft

That lady never give up does she? D:


To be continued…….. on monday! :D


(Sorry, no pics of ladies “sunbathing almost nekkid” as Vesper is, in fact, a gentleman. Not today at least… But Vesper has some interesting news about Mesh inworldz he might tell you about some day next week. I suspect that involves 1 particular lady with not much clothes on … ;)

July 18, 2013

Keep your clothes on InWorldz….


in IM with Leanna:

– Vesper Kling: GOD!
– Vesper Kling: no clothes!
– Vesper Kling: D:
– Leanna Caerndow: LMAO!
– Vesper Kling: i lost all attachments
– Leanna Caerndow: eeeeep
– Vesper Kling: except the piercing
– Vesper Kling: ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: rofl!
– Leanna Caerndow: and the shape?
– Vesper Kling: i dont have to shoot anyone :O) (i had promised to shoot some grid monkeh if my shape was lost again ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D \o/
– Leanna Caerndow: *_* (and what exactly did Leanna mean by that?)
– Vesper Kling: :)
– Leanna Caerndow: I see you’re having fun rofl (!!??)
Leanna Caerndow runs
– Vesper Kling: MY GOD!
– Vesper Kling: sh-t! you are pervcamming!
– Vesper Kling: i dont find my clothes hahahah
– Leanna Caerndow: *dies* :D
– Leanna Caerndow: woot \o/
– Leanna Caerndow: :]
– Vesper Kling: ;)
– Vesper Kling: where are u woman?? (I didnt even see the little minx)
– Leanna Caerndow: home :D come on over
– Vesper Kling: are everyone in iw pervcamming me on some large
screen on IDI? (IDI is InWorldz start island)

The background to this drama was that Vesper had sneaked out of the closet, went straight to inWorldz and found himself having troble to see himself. There was some kind of glitch when he  tried to save his shape. When he logged off and came back it was default again. The solution this time was to make a shape from basic in inventory, take it off and then back on again. Then relogg. (Grid monkeys are working on this issue atm). The old shapes in Iw is not working anymore, at least not with the new viewers as Kokua and singularity. So if you use an old shape and looks cloudy, you know what to do. Undress and begin from scratch. But watch out for Leanna :}


Shape: My own
Hair: Emo-tions
Skin: Mazzo Design
T-shirt: My own
Viewer: Kokua

To be  continued….

April 21, 2013

Cyber stalking is like a Virtual Rape

I got that link from Han Held the other day. Fascinating. In a virtual world u never know who u are talking to as we have voice morph these days. But if you listen carefully u might be able to hear its morphed. I guess there are quality differences between different morph software too. But most ppl have free or very cheap software and are quite easy to unveil. And no, I never use voice morphing myself. I´v tried it once for fun and it felt totally weird.

Still, this is no problem as long as the morphing person dont hurt anyone or start relations under false flag.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
― André Malraux

The reason for men to dress up as female avatars varies. A lot of them do it cos it gives them advantages. It´s often easier for a woman to get help in a game than a man. Some men wants to be women in real life so they are living that dream in a virtual world instead. Nothing wrong with that.

Cyber stalking all the way to real life is sort of a virtual rape – same same but different

But some men (also) do it to prey on women. Women often feel more secure talking to other women and relaxes. Problem is, u might be talking to a man with a female avie or/and voice morph on….. And he might be collecting information about u as you speak to map you in real life. This happens all the time and it has happened to me. In virtual worlds i feel more comfy around women. I like men but im a bit wary and it takes longer time for me to trust a man in a virtual world (or any world as a matter of fact). This time I got stalked all the way into real life.

The stalker explained “this is common in Swedish SL” to dig in your friends Real life. But i dont believe that. Maybee there are 1 or 2 who search for their friends in RL but not “common”. I think most people has a sense for what is right or not so I refuse to believe that. I asked this person to apologize publicly but s/he refuses, saying “Swedish people in SL are hyenas and will feed on this”. I dont agree. I think a person like you mr/ms Stalker, who intrude in peoples private life against their will and against TOS in SL, are hyenas. And I write about this because i want people to know how it feels. It feels kind of like you have had a house breaking in real life. That some random unknown person has poked around in your private belongings. Yes i have had that too so i can compare. This person has monitored me since december 2012 without me knowing it until last week when he/she made a mistake and got caught in a log…..

I have no fun here anymore. Right now this feels it could be my last blogpost because I feel this person has soiled me.  Im deeply hurt by this intrusion in my life, and it feels like some kind of “virtual rape” :(

“People ask me why it’s so hard to trust people, and i ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise”

– unknown

And why do women use male avies in virtual worlds? I do it now and then and mostly to protect myself. I feel safer when roaming the grid in a male shape. I seldom get “attacked” by men (not in a romantic fashion anyhoo ;). Well i have had a couple of gay men hitting on me who forgot to read my profile. Yes my profile says im a woman. You can choose to belive it or not. The other reason is to put off my stalker who clearly prefers women avies and not this chainsmoking “good for nothing” – this is probably how you will recognize me from now on, if or when I am online:


As a shapeshifter I have had a couple of “partners” who also shapeshifted but the “relations” was purely fake and roleplay. I carefully explained in the beginning to each person that I was not interested in- or able to have a “normal” relation with them. Take it or leave it. We did it for fun and games and planned funny blogpostings and other public events together. 1 of them could handle the situation, the other not…

How hard can it be to respect other peoples wish for privacy? Dont ever poke around in their life without their concent or you will become a cockroach in your next life  :(

“It’s not so much the journey that’s important; as is the way that we treat those we encounter and those around us, along the way”
– Jeremy Aldana

So i repeat: Cyber stalking all the way to real life is sort of a virtual rape – same same but different

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