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March 21, 2012

Mainland Census for March 2012 by Tyche Shepherd

“I’ve been occupied for the past week running a full Mainland Census and here are the results of the the March 2012 Quarterly Mainland Census.

The Actual Census was run between 9th to 14th March and involved surveybot visits to every Mainland Region and a full scan of all parcels in each region. This includes the 5 Linden Home Continents and the old Teen grid mainland as well as traditional mainland. There were 13 regions which were closed to public access but these were all hand surveyed from bordering regions. For reference the last Census was conducted in December 2011 and was reported here : Mainland Census for December 2011

Read on: Mainland march 2012

March 16, 2012

How many mainland residents does it take to equal one estate? #Second Life

“I’ve seen it written many times by residents of Second Life that estates are the land-profit center for Linden Lab, and the loss of estates while mainland is growing is a bad thing for the health of the grid. I’m not convinced. But I am open to seeing numbers that show me where I am missing the point. Here is how I see it: Volume is what is key. Better to have a lot of low paying customers than one higher paying one.”

Todays #FF blog is Pussycat Catnap´s thoughts. Pussycat is a highly intelligent person that has impressed me a lot in the SL forums. At least the Mainland forum as that´s the only one I follow. Her blog is a treasury, packed with invaluable information about virtual worlds. The last posting I read was extremely interesting. The subject is Mainland vs Private islands:

Mainland or private island? Premium accounts vs freebie accounts?  “How many mainland residents does it take to equal one estate?” I read about this first time in a blogpost from Iliveisl with a comment by Pussycat Catnap. So I went to her blog to read more. This is brilliant so don´t miss this: Mainland versus Estate

Im sure Second Life is capable of a promising future. It will just have to adapt and evolve. Times are changing and they who can´t change with it will cease to exist. I hope Second Life will make it.

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January 23, 2012

Parcels for sale – grid survey

Last grid survey is out regarding Second Life. One thing that hasnt updated since 2010 is parcel for sale. Still its interesting to look at it and wonder -how come this decline? Are people so comfy at their places they prefer to stay, or are there some other issue behind this? It would have been interesting to see the figures from 2011. I have heard prices have gone upwards….. A blonde has to ask questions u know ;)

This is sqm sold by residents. A bit different! Statistics gets me confused! They sell fewer parcels but bigger? @_@

I dont understand the level method they use for tier. It should be floating tier. If you have a parcel 700 sqm you still pays for a parcel size 1024 and so on, though you dont get that much prims. So how the parcel is cut is very important and there is difficult to sell a parcel the “wrong” size. This is just daft and I dont understand why they dont change this. And the tier is too high!! arghh…

Grid survey parcel for sale

The rest of the survey is also very interesting and you find it here:


December 15, 2011

Grid survey result; Which grid is the winner?

From HG business: “The most surprising result was Avination scoring the lowest of all grids on its overall rating, and at or near the bottom on content, technology, community and support”.

Am I surpriced? No. I never tried Avination but all friends who did (a lot of my friends registered an avie in the grid) reported it was a cold grid. It was against freebies and the only ppl they saw was gamblers… So I got a major turn off by that. This shows I wasnt alone… But which grid was the winner this year?

Maria Korolov from Hypergrid Business has the result now, read on; Grid Survey

Yes this year Island Oasis is the “winner”, congratulations (a totally unknown grid to me :O)

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