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August 6, 2011

In avatar paradise?

First i saw this video:

-Ohh paradise, I thought and went head over heels to Next Island. It truly looked amazing!

I arranged my hair in two silly ponytails and got myself some nice clothes and a tan. (Although when i landed i lost all my “nice” clothes and ended up as ususal in a horrible outfit!) My daughter convinced me I should have pink eyes (?) well hrmm… Vacation here I come!

I “talked” to a bot when i landed and got this information:

So i decided to dig a little deeper into Next island and found this video…:

uhuu… hell…. too late =(

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August 5, 2011

In avatar hell?

My life in Entropia doesnt evolve a bit. My avatar feel almost no hope. She is running 24/7 from horrible creatures and she has no weapons and her clothes looks horrible!

But I have a couple of friends in Entropia now and one of them (lady to left in the pic down) has promised me to take me out for a hunt! Yay!

I dont know how I shall survive that though. I almost never does ;)

The pics are dark because in Entropia you cant edit daylight, you just have to live with what ever it is atm. So its not that easy running around in the dark with those monsters all around and you can hardly see them! But they seems to smell me =(

To my help i have a map with dots that marks monsters but still its not that easy to get by them! Midsomer i a lot more peaceful. What am I doing here?

Well im on a mission trying to find a Teleporter to Next Island. A world in Entropia that seems a bit more peaceful. You can choose that world from the beginning when you register, but I failed here and ended up in avatar hell. =))

EDIT; I just realised only way is to take a space ship to Next Island!
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