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November 7, 2013

My Avatars Look Alike


 “Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on”. Those were the instructions in Strawberry Sings last monday meme. Strawberries monday memes has been an inspiration for me when i needed it most. This year has been a challenge (to put it mildly…) so im very thankful for this happy little distraction.

I have to use my alt for this meme because he is the avatar people have commented as being a look alike.

According to Tintin, one of my closest friends, he is a copy of Duane Loken from “How the west was won” from the 80s. He recognized him because his mom had a crush on Duane since years back and had even bought his recordings. And they are not bad. I really do love this one:

Vesper Kling, my alt, was born in may 2009. The reason was, in short, that i was bored and I needed more “me” time. I wanted to build without disturbance. So I created a male avie because I had heard It was easier to be a male in a virtual world. And it was. Tho girls seems to like him and I can fully grasp that :):)  (pic down, Vesper and Millimina Salamander april 2010)


I never identify with my alt, he is a person of his own, a forceful roleplay character and good enough to fool me too. I know cod I got a major school girl crush on him first time I saw him in his Belezza skin, gorgeous sauze man.

The secret with his seductive capacity is that he is created by a woman, by me. I know exactly how I want a man to behave and I obviously share this wish with some (read – a lot of!) other women :O)

Sorry to say he is not always behaving perfectly… he´s a bit hard to control at times…. but that´s maybee part of his charm *_*

Tho to have a male alt (i was open about it in his profile) was more standard critical/out of the norm or should I say norm breaking than I ever could have guessed. Some people (males ;) got right out furious about it. The reactions were often strong. But that was an interesting experience in itself…

He is not always dressed as a native. He can be anything u want and he´s done a lot of not so smart moves as this 1, dancing can-can and hmm… stripping in public as a member of Chickendales 2010:


I have used him for comics in my blog mostly. As this 1 quite recently, some typical Vesper situations:  . More under “reruns” (look under the header) in this blog. Though most of his mischief is recorded in my old blog, closed now.

Vesper Kling exists inWorldz too of course. Leanna always flirts with him, wonder if Jim knows?

Pictures are from april 2010 in Second Life but Vesper is still going strong, in all worlds. He might visit YOUR region any day, even in OpenSim  ;)

Ya, I created the man of my dreams, just because i could. Feel free to bash me :O)


Vesper hair: Emo-tions
Skin: Belezza
Shape: My own
Duane pic:

July 27, 2013

Avatar History Quiz by Vanessa – IRez

From IRez: “I’ll put up L$5,000 plus a night or day or afternoon of my time for any activity the winner wants. We can go shopping & buy ourselves new outfits. Or buy houses & yachts. Or throw a dance party at Club Morpheus. Anything you want. And yes, if SaveMe Oh wins, I’ll buy her L$5,000 of Brussels sprouts.”

O gawwd what an awesomesauze price! Join the fun and have a guess. YOU can win! :D Great you took the challenge (((Vanessa)))

Read on:


July 17, 2013

The past and the future


Some weeks ago I had a guessing game with my friends. All these pictures are me or rather my “avie” if that is a difference? Where and when are these pictures taken? Which world and which year? This was no easy task. Take a guess and if you dont make it you can find the answer at the bottom of this post. If you like the idea, make your own collage with old pictures and paste a link in comments here :)

I have had a break from blogging for a while and im not sure how much I will blog in the future. Im in kind of a healing period now so I will take it slow. 1 thing is for sure, I wont share any personal stuff, especially not RL as a person I knew before has abused that information even tho it was only casual information. I only share my RL and my private thoughts with 1 special dear and trusted friend in virtual worlds nowadays.  But I may share interesting stuff about virtual worlds with you all when I find it.

The picture shows my past, but what about the future?

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love ~ H.Humphrey


1. Avatar Hangout (Open sim december 2008)
2. Second Life (Chamonix may 2010)
3. Cloud Party 2013
4. Entropia Universe – 2013
5. New World Grid 2009 on 1 of my own 9 regions in may 2009

I rezzed in Second Life 25 oktober 2008 with my first avie Alessia Kranfel and after 1 month about i stood, bored, at a live concert/party (well yes hrmm im not a huge fan of virtual parties sorry to say ;). As i was bored i enjoyed myself with some profile perving. 1 man had a profile with pictures and texts about another world – Avatar Hangout – and open sim world. I was puzzled. There was other worlds than Second Life? Curiosity killed the cat so i threw myself on him and “demanded” he show me this world. That was my way into open sim. And yes… im afraid the hair is illegally copybotted but not by me :}

If you have time you can read more about the past in virtual worlds in Prim Perfects last edition:

April 21, 2013

Cyber stalking is like a Virtual Rape

I got that link from Han Held the other day. Fascinating. In a virtual world u never know who u are talking to as we have voice morph these days. But if you listen carefully u might be able to hear its morphed. I guess there are quality differences between different morph software too. But most ppl have free or very cheap software and are quite easy to unveil. And no, I never use voice morphing myself. I´v tried it once for fun and it felt totally weird.

Still, this is no problem as long as the morphing person dont hurt anyone or start relations under false flag.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
― André Malraux

The reason for men to dress up as female avatars varies. A lot of them do it cos it gives them advantages. It´s often easier for a woman to get help in a game than a man. Some men wants to be women in real life so they are living that dream in a virtual world instead. Nothing wrong with that.

Cyber stalking all the way to real life is sort of a virtual rape – same same but different

But some men (also) do it to prey on women. Women often feel more secure talking to other women and relaxes. Problem is, u might be talking to a man with a female avie or/and voice morph on….. And he might be collecting information about u as you speak to map you in real life. This happens all the time and it has happened to me. In virtual worlds i feel more comfy around women. I like men but im a bit wary and it takes longer time for me to trust a man in a virtual world (or any world as a matter of fact). This time I got stalked all the way into real life.

The stalker explained “this is common in Swedish SL” to dig in your friends Real life. But i dont believe that. Maybee there are 1 or 2 who search for their friends in RL but not “common”. I think most people has a sense for what is right or not so I refuse to believe that. I asked this person to apologize publicly but s/he refuses, saying “Swedish people in SL are hyenas and will feed on this”. I dont agree. I think a person like you mr/ms Stalker, who intrude in peoples private life against their will and against TOS in SL, are hyenas. And I write about this because i want people to know how it feels. It feels kind of like you have had a house breaking in real life. That some random unknown person has poked around in your private belongings. Yes i have had that too so i can compare. This person has monitored me since december 2012 without me knowing it until last week when he/she made a mistake and got caught in a log…..

I have no fun here anymore. Right now this feels it could be my last blogpost because I feel this person has soiled me.  Im deeply hurt by this intrusion in my life, and it feels like some kind of “virtual rape” :(

“People ask me why it’s so hard to trust people, and i ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise”

– unknown

And why do women use male avies in virtual worlds? I do it now and then and mostly to protect myself. I feel safer when roaming the grid in a male shape. I seldom get “attacked” by men (not in a romantic fashion anyhoo ;). Well i have had a couple of gay men hitting on me who forgot to read my profile. Yes my profile says im a woman. You can choose to belive it or not. The other reason is to put off my stalker who clearly prefers women avies and not this chainsmoking “good for nothing” – this is probably how you will recognize me from now on, if or when I am online:


As a shapeshifter I have had a couple of “partners” who also shapeshifted but the “relations” was purely fake and roleplay. I carefully explained in the beginning to each person that I was not interested in- or able to have a “normal” relation with them. Take it or leave it. We did it for fun and games and planned funny blogpostings and other public events together. 1 of them could handle the situation, the other not…

How hard can it be to respect other peoples wish for privacy? Dont ever poke around in their life without their concent or you will become a cockroach in your next life  :(

“It’s not so much the journey that’s important; as is the way that we treat those we encounter and those around us, along the way”
– Jeremy Aldana

So i repeat: Cyber stalking all the way to real life is sort of a virtual rape – same same but different

February 13, 2013

Changes – Grid Jumper

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

“Some who have learned a new technology, system, strategy may be resistant to yet another change…” ~ Grid Jumper

Todays featured blog is Gridjumpers. She is a brilliant blogger who covers most of the metaverse in her blog. As in this great blog post, read on, or you will regret it:

Get inspired by the forever changing shapeshifter David Bowie;

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