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November 13, 2013

A virtual “home” – what makes it a home?


I built this house in Second Life spring 2009. It was the first house i ever built after my rezz in october 2008 and I made it simple. But it was still a struggle for a newbie like me! Eventually i got it finished. Since then I have built a lot of houses but this is the house i prefer myself. I always rezz it when I get a new home. Somehow it makes me feel safe. I guess it’s because I see something familiar when i look at it..
I have imported the house to inWorldz, Kitely and OsGrid but not yet Cloud Party as they require mesh and I havent converted it yet. The picture above is from my home in OsGrid.


The first grid I imported it to, from Second Life, was inWorldz. Inwordz is my main home where I feel totally safe among my friends ♥
The picture above is from inWorldz october 2013 but i imported the cabin as early as 2010-2011 first time. After that I have modified it slightly and you can find it in different colours. If you want a copy just holler and i send u 1 :):)

The last picture is from Kitely:

What makes you feel at home? Is it the same kind of feeling in the virtual as in the real world? Most of us need a home or a safe place in all words. And we have a right to protect our privacy. That is why we react so strong when people violate that right and intrude upon us.

In real life the police helps us to protect ourselves but i virtual worlds we only have ToS and the grid managers to rely on. That is why it is so important for a grid/virtual world, to have resources to handle these kind of intrusions in peoples private lifes. If they prove they can handle it, people will feel secure and the world will get a chance to flourish.


Second Life:
Cloud Party:

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August 11, 2013

Joy in Kitely, Tears InWorldz

This saturday started in joy but ended in tears. It was a day of mixed feelings. Ups and downs. But I guess life is like that sometimes. I started the day with having a long talk with an old friend from Swedish SL. That was really nice.  It was good to talk to her again after she have had more or less a break for a while.

0Frogg Marlow_001

In the evening (my evening) Effinjay  (Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico) had a live performance in Kitely. In fact I think it might have been the first Live perfomance in Kitely(?)  Allen Partridge at Virtually Human had arranged it and the sound, music and performance was great. I can really recommend them, in any world :) In the end i think we were more than 20 avatars and thats fairly good for Kitely that time of day I think. Thank you all, I had a wonderful time.



Virtually Human:


Late this evening ArtWolf, Leanna, Alizarin, Wizzy and Miso helped me to say a last goodbye to Sven Idyll inWorldz. I didnt want to make this last goodbye bigger because It was too hard as it was. I could only have a few close friends around at this moment. ArtWolf  held a beautyful speach and i was in tears when she was finished. She told me I had to let go.  -But I dont want to, I said. She said i must. I dont know… if i can, but I know I have to.

0last memoria11_001


My dearest friends, I dont know what I would do without you <3

I know my blog postings are a maybee even more boring and uninpired nowadays than before, the sparkle is gone. I hope to find it again if i keep trying…

March 15, 2013

Needless Fail – This weeks recommended blog

Penny Patton has one of the best blogs about virtual worlds, mainly Second Life, i´v ever read. The last posting is necessary for all of us to be aware of. Even if we dont build we buy stuff. And this is not only about Second Life, this affects all worlds except maybee Cloud Party where they already are working this way. Read the exciting story about  how amateur building and texturizing affects our experience in the game:

Why Second Life Fails

Have a really happy weekend! xxx

January 29, 2013

Don´t shoot the messenger

you can tell the pioneers by all the arrows in their backs

Been there done that. When i moved to inWorldz it was the same as now, when i spend time in Cloud Party. I am pariah because i am “unfaithful” to Second Life. :D:D I´v seen that mentioned in some swedish blogs, the fact that we “have to help Second Life instead of blogging other grids”. ROFLMAO! I pay to play a game and i dont think Linden Lab demands i work for them for free too :))) So dont give me that sh-t “”You must not have any other (god) virtual world but (me) SL (or whatever)”

Don´t be silly friends, i lubs u anyhoo, even if u are Second Life fanboys/fangirls. I love the grid too and I AM premium and i OWN land and a lot of horses and DOGS even so LL lubs me too ;)


pic; Enchanted Lady

But be sure that I will blog whatever i like and spend time in whatever grid that is most fun at the moment. You shouldn´t demand that ppl work for free and PR any grid, it´s the grid owners business.  A private person with a blog should blog whatever he or she likes and if u dont approve dont read. But never, EVER demand they must help Second Life by blogging SL matters instead. That is a no no. U have so crossed the line here. Simple as that.

Still, u are my friends, silly u, but plz connect your brains before push publish nxt time ;)  <3 So lets have fun and continue to be friends in the Metaverse. If you want a puppy from Lady and the Tramp or a foal, stand in line. Ill give them away to friends. Just send me a IM if u r interested. <3 Or if u hate me for being a grid hopper, stop reading this shitty blog NOW cos i wont quit jumping grids! :D

It’s not the destination that matters, it’s letting your ears flap in the wind along the way


pic; Enchanted Tramp

January 25, 2013

Kitely – Hackers Sleepless City

If you are suicidal this is the place.  I logged in next to a Ener Mobile of course. Whole place was totally Enerific!

So I did find the Helicopter i was supposed to find but before i found the map i saw something. Close to the Helicopter there was a nice building with sun chairs, and the sun was shining so …I couldnt resist so I tried to jump but fell off the building and….died!  :(

The whole computer died my health meter went berzerk, hit rock bottom, went up again in a frenzy and down to zero again. I had to restart it all. U little griefer Ener, spanks u 50 times :D:D

I wonder if Ener will bury my avie and give her a nice tombstone at HaxNuit? :`(

So if you dare, log in to Kitely and find gorgeous Eners region link: Hax Nuit. From the homepage:

A condemned city from which all residents have been evicted.
Also known as Hax Nuit, this City of Darkness had a lawless past but now
stands empty.

Explore Hax Nuit to see what you can find – find the downed helicopter for
a list and a map.

more info at

shop-level maze images at

Good luck!

a Haxer Delite team build

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