Why I do it

Why do I breed virtual horses? I thought about it the other day and pondered how hard it would be to explain it to a person outside Second Life and outside a virtual world. I sort of gave up that thought ;)

I started breeding ABC horses cos I was curious and thought they were beautyful. Soon I got caught and when i sold my first horse I was amazed that anyone wanted something I (almost) had created so much they payed real Linden dollars for it.

After some months I discovered the, by that time impopular, breed American Standardbred. A sulky horse designed to pull a cart on a race track. I started breeding those horses and I was adamant I would increase the speed, pull and stamina  in my breed. Today Im happy to say I succeeded and now the breed has gained a lot of popularity as it shows great result on the race track. People actually wins a lot of money on those horses in price money and betting.

It is heartwarming to see the joy the horses I have been breeding is giving
their new owners. This is what stops me from quitting although im dead tired irl most of the time <3

Pic; Ronja Savage from her SL feed; My great Champion Sulky Mare “Styx”

Ronja Savage is one of them who bought a horse from me and she is so proud
of her American Standardbred mare Styx. She has been doing very well on the

I have had a posting earlier about my first racehorse Merry and Black started on the track:

Enchanted Al-Fashir

So I want to thank you of all my heart, all of you who bought horses from me. It brings me
so much joy to see you and my horses on the race course and see the
happiness they bring you <3

Pic from yesterday, Aquadoc, one of my regular customers, decided to buy my 1 day old sulky racer stallion at Jody´s. The best thing with virtual horse breeding and racing is all wonderful friends you get to meet.

Slurl Jody´s market: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canadian%20Countr%20Westerner/167/24/24

I dont have the time to race the horses myself because of my RL. I planned to do
so but RL wanted differently so I can only breed a few nowadays. But you
give me credit everytime you buy a horse and show me how much you like my
breeding and my horses. And please continue to send me pictures and reports
on how it goes on the track and elsewhere <3

Soppy Huggies <3

3 Comments to “Why I do it”

  1. Ha-ha-ha!!! Good picture of me!! I’m famous now!! Show me da money!
    Seriously, this wonderful gal breeds great sulky (harness) horses! I bought this Lil Q5 gem and it wasn’t even ready for sale (still nursing!) Just gave her the money and give me a call when he is ready to leave mommy and begin his glorious racing career with Aquadoc!

    • Awww Doc *hides under the table* u make me blush :`) And i love your avie!! Hope the little black rascal will grow up fast now so he can race. how exciting :D

  2. Wow! So long ago and so many great memories!

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