My basic virtual identity is Mera Kranfel. You will find me under that name in different virtual worlds. I roam around virtual worlds for fun and sometimes i have written about it here.

Alessia Kranfel was my first avatar in virtual worlds, rezzed in Second Life oct 2008. Alessia/Mera Kranfel are my main avatars and they are always “for real”.

My “just for fun” avatar is Vesper Kling who is “good for nothing”. Beware, dont trust him or her – he or she can appear in any shape anywhere. And if you end up in a partnership or something else as bad with Vesper Kling, you can be sure that is pure fake. Vesper Kling is a role play account and nothing else.

Welcome to my virtual reality and remember im a storyteller at heart, so dont believe everything you read here…

[Mera Kranfel = mera = more in swedish and Kranfel means “there is something wrong with the tower crane or the tap”. Tower crane and tap ar the same word in swedish = kran. Fel=fail.  Sounds funny in swedish but plain silly in english  ;) ]

8 Responses to “About”

  1. i thought Mera was your real name? i mean, to me you are Mera and to me you are as real as anyone. a rose by any name would never taste as good as my favourite Swedish meatball and that meatball’s name is Mera (e <3 m) =)

  2. @Ener; BIG LOVE!! Smoooches my little herring =)))

    Or is it a BIG Canadian Salmon? They might eat small swedish meatballs… “O_O”

  3. Happy to see you keep up sharing your thoughts even if things in RL have effected your blogging…

    I am one of those who know you by many names, but Mera is by far the name that suits you best ;-)

    Hugs amiga…

  4. I really like your blog. I’ve added it to my Virtual World News & Views blog list. Keep up the good work.


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