ABC Horses

Welcome to my small scale ABC horse breeding in Second Life. I breed these horses because I have owned and worked with Thoroughbreds and Arabians in real life. Now it is impossible for me to own a real life horse because I live in the middle of a city. So that´s why I love and breed those beautyful horses.

I aim to breed beautyful horses with as good skills and stats as possible. We have mostly American Standardbreds. That breed  is extra fun because they can also pull a cart/sulky! You can also ride the horses as worn from your inventory or rezzed first. If you wear them you can also Teleport with them and they can climb hills easier if worn. If the horse is less than 140 days you must feed it. 1 bale of hay cost 100 LD a month, sometimes they have a sale and you get half price. But if you buy an older horse you only have to feed it until it is 140 days and after that you can keep it in your inventory – neat!

Besides from breeding and trekking you can also participate in different races and other competitions with your horse. Please take a look at ABC homepage for more information. If you buy a horse be sure to read the manual first!

[EDIT: I dont breed virtual horses anymore due to my problems with a stalker. I may continue later.]

Best regards, Vesper.Kling (Display name Mera)


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