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November 13, 2013

A virtual “home” – what makes it a home?


I built this house in Second Life spring 2009. It was the first house i ever built after my rezz in october 2008 and I made it simple. But it was still a struggle for a newbie like me! Eventually i got it finished. Since then I have built a lot of houses but this is the house i prefer myself. I always rezz it when I get a new home. Somehow it makes me feel safe. I guess it’s because I see something familiar when i look at it..
I have imported the house to inWorldz, Kitely and OsGrid but not yet Cloud Party as they require mesh and I havent converted it yet. The picture above is from my home in OsGrid.


The first grid I imported it to, from Second Life, was inWorldz. Inwordz is my main home where I feel totally safe among my friends ♥
The picture above is from inWorldz october 2013 but i imported the cabin as early as 2010-2011 first time. After that I have modified it slightly and you can find it in different colours. If you want a copy just holler and i send u 1 :):)

The last picture is from Kitely:

What makes you feel at home? Is it the same kind of feeling in the virtual as in the real world? Most of us need a home or a safe place in all words. And we have a right to protect our privacy. That is why we react so strong when people violate that right and intrude upon us.

In real life the police helps us to protect ourselves but i virtual worlds we only have ToS and the grid managers to rely on. That is why it is so important for a grid/virtual world, to have resources to handle these kind of intrusions in peoples private lifes. If they prove they can handle it, people will feel secure and the world will get a chance to flourish.


Second Life:
Cloud Party:

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October 14, 2013

Ye come seeking adventure and salty pirates?


Ye come seeking adventure and salty pirates, eh? Aye, you’ve come to the proper place. You seek the legend. You seek Captain Jack Sparrow. But heed this warning: only a true pirate be fit to sail with Captain Jack. And that methinks is a perilous voyage for even the bravest of seafarers. So, then, who among you thinks ye has what it takes to join Captain Jack’s ruddy crew? Say ‘aye!'”

Then u came to the right place, inWorldz. My new neighbour seems to be 1 of these “salty” thingies. At least the ship is bigger than my parcel… welcome to Midsommar Liberty Lighthouse! Look at the ship from here, iwURL:

This is also the memory place for Sven Idyll. Last week, after almost 2 months, I changed from my black clothes to a white dress and it felt good. But I still miss him and I will always do. But with the kind of friends I have here I will always be ok, its impossible not to be. You know who you are <3  And I have total confidence in this grid. At least as long as Tranquillity and Jim Tarber are grid monkeys. The warmth and kindness I have met here I havent met anywhere else. Not this unconditionally. Even if I starts to grid hop and dont log in for a long period, they always welcome me back with the same affection  :`)  <3

October 9, 2013

The Long and Winding Road



The long and winding road led me to him. Pathfinder aka John Lester *_* My heroe in Virtual worlds and founder of The Hypergrid Adventurers Club. An idol for a grid hopper like me :O)

Pathfinder is a former Second Life employee and icon: “From 2005-2010, John worked at Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life. At Linden Lab he led the development of the education and healthcare markets while evangelizing the innovative use of virtual worlds in research, training and distance education.” Read more:

But now he has his own grid Pathlandia and I visited it the other day, jumping from OsGrid, and had a nice chat with John at his cosy campfire. The region is full of nice freebies and I got a box full of wonderful mesh flowers. Thanks John for your warm welcome and I will certainly try to attend next Hypergid adventure  <3

If you want to visit Pathlandia (of course you do!) HG adress is:

Read more:

Follow his blog if you are (or want to be) cunning and full of tricks:

The Long and Winding Road to John from Mera, his most persistent stalker:

“The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door” 


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September 23, 2013

Skygazing in Cloud Party

A lot is happening in Cloud Party now and it happens fast. Among the last news are, for example, new skies for everyone to apply on their free islands. Stunning! Why is the sky blue? by Conor, really interesting article – read on: Get a free island today and try it out! :D

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September 5, 2013

End of the Metaverse


End of the Metaverse is a very promising and interesting grid. Owner is BladyBlue Bommerang and she is doing a great job with it. Quote from G+:

“The end of the metaverse is a community run virtual world running on the opensim platform. EndMeta features a free mainland continent for residential and commercial use and hypergate-capabilities. Viewer URL is Hypergate address:

Get your own hypergate-enabled region connected to endMeta”

She also have a mainland with some free houses for new residents, very generous indeed.


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