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October 2, 2013

Oktoberfest in Metropolis grid


And the party goes on!

HG: Hypergrid URL:*Metropolis* then u find Oktoberfest on the map

welcome! I jumped from OsGrid. You can jump for wherever in opensim or register at Metropolis Grid

Anette Hummel, constantly busy organizing Oktoberfest, posted the schedule: opensim-events-f21/oktoberfest-2013-t3088-30.html#p18727
Here is a short translation:Oct. 1st, 20:30 CET / 11:30 am SLT/Viewer
– Inauguration by ChapTer Kronfeld – Talk / Reading (German)
– Partytime with DJ Phaandor Pertwee
Additional announcements on region Oktoberfest.

Oct. 2nd, 20:30 CET / 11:30 am SLT/Viewer
– Stammtisch
– Partytime with DJane Annette Hummel

Oct. 3rd, 20:30 CET / 11:30 am SLT/Viewer
– Reading with kueperpunk korhonen (German)
– Dings Digital talking about books (German)
– Partytime with DJ Dings Digital

Oct. 4th, 20:30 CET / 11:30 am SLT/Viewer
– Fashion show! Who is on the red carpet?
– Partytime with DJ LadyContessa Barbosa

Oct. 5th, 20:30 CET / 11:30 am SLT/Viewer
– Partytime with DJ Der Prinz
– Fireworks! Wordfromthe Wise scripted a totally new firework

Please note there will be additional information on region Oktoberfest.

Info from:

August 11, 2013

Joy in Kitely, Tears InWorldz

This saturday started in joy but ended in tears. It was a day of mixed feelings. Ups and downs. But I guess life is like that sometimes. I started the day with having a long talk with an old friend from Swedish SL. That was really nice.  It was good to talk to her again after she have had more or less a break for a while.

0Frogg Marlow_001

In the evening (my evening) Effinjay  (Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico) had a live performance in Kitely. In fact I think it might have been the first Live perfomance in Kitely(?)  Allen Partridge at Virtually Human had arranged it and the sound, music and performance was great. I can really recommend them, in any world :) In the end i think we were more than 20 avatars and thats fairly good for Kitely that time of day I think. Thank you all, I had a wonderful time.



Virtually Human:


Late this evening ArtWolf, Leanna, Alizarin, Wizzy and Miso helped me to say a last goodbye to Sven Idyll inWorldz. I didnt want to make this last goodbye bigger because It was too hard as it was. I could only have a few close friends around at this moment. ArtWolf  held a beautyful speach and i was in tears when she was finished. She told me I had to let go.  -But I dont want to, I said. She said i must. I dont know… if i can, but I know I have to.

0last memoria11_001


My dearest friends, I dont know what I would do without you <3

I know my blog postings are a maybee even more boring and uninpired nowadays than before, the sparkle is gone. I hope to find it again if i keep trying…

July 21, 2013

Party inWorldz! NOW! Sunday noon

0party inworldz_001

A swedish lady are having 1 of her many successful parties inWorldz right now! noon SLT/IW time. IM me if you wanna join :)

Dancing with Wizzy atm xo

22party inworldz_001

Miso dropped by too eventually and we had a “threesome” .. hm? Wizzy was orbiting us :D

33party inworldz 3some_001


and “the swedish lady” wasnt me. Since when would i be a “lady”? :}

February 11, 2013

Swedish Nightclub Queen 6 years in Second Life!

Our own swedish nightclub queen Midnattsdotter Fride aka Mid celebrated her 6th rezzday this saturday. It was an amazing party as usual at her club Fride Club & Lounge SLurl: Saturdays at noon SLT. The club is international so the chat is always in english.

She has had a party almost every saturday for years and it is by far the nicest club I ever have entered in a Virtual World. I have never encountered any drama at that club and I always feel welcome. So it is a perfect place to spend your saturdays instead of in front of the TV IRL if you are at home. :)

I was thrilled to meet my old neighbours, The Widdershins, from the grid inWorldz at Mids club. It was at least 2 years since I saw them last time.

I even got a pickup line myself :D:D

Happy rezzday Mid, warm hugs and thanks a lot for all your parties through the years <3

January 26, 2013

Cloud Party “Cross Event” today

Saturday 26th January ” CROSS EVENT “@ Thoys’ Club & Luver’s Island Venue (LIV)

Information and URL here:



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