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October 25, 2013

Celebrating rezzday in my safe haven inWorldz


Tired after a long week she landed in Midsommar, inWorldz. Immediately she felt the peace. Birds twittering eagerly though it was actually autumn. They didnt seem to notice. The leaves on the trees had changed the last weeks from different green nuances to a warm red brownish colour. One could smell the autumn in the air.

She walked slowly towards her home in the metaverse, her safe haven, surrounded by her best friends beautyful homes. She sat down by the fire, closed her eyes and let herself get drowsy. Memories drifted by….Just before falling asleep she suddenly realised today was her fift rezzday in the metaverse. Faded memories of rezzing in and old grid far from here.  With a faint smile on her lips and a contented sigh, she drifted away in dreams about what had been and was going to be.  Virtual worlds are a fairytale, dream on. <3

September 23, 2013

Skygazing in Cloud Party

A lot is happening in Cloud Party now and it happens fast. Among the last news are, for example, new skies for everyone to apply on their free islands. Stunning! Why is the sky blue? by Conor, really interesting article – read on: Get a free island today and try it out! :D

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September 6, 2012

No license

I got a gift from the boys again (Linden Labs premium gift) and tried it out at the premium race course. It was totally cool to run the vehicle up and down the sand dunes but it was extremely difficult to stear! Or will they deliver the drivers licence in the next gift box? Anyone tried this? What did u think? Was it me, lag or is it something weird about the stearing?*

Anyhoo the sims are cool and u can use other vehicles of coures. The buggy is customize too so u dont have to have it in pink ;)

*UPDATE: A friend tried it and had no problem with stearing…. cough…

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