Massive griefer attack on Second Life?



Last days I have encountered excessive griefing in Second Life. Even in Lindens Premium sandboxes (!) They have been griefed for days now (above).

And at home twice in 2 days and both my parcels though they are not located on the same sim. Is it only me or has griefing escalated recently? I have filled 3 abuse reports in 2 days now (and i didnt report the sandbox…).

So im permanently on particle count Zero these days *sigh*


6 Responses to “Massive griefer attack on Second Life?”

  1. I use to get a lot of griefing like this on my SL sims and, in the end, I had to block prim rez for visitors until they are known then they get invited to the sim group which controls everything and they can then rez stuff. It has cost sales in the market I think but no more particle rezzers of porn and childish idiocy.

    *hugz Mera*

  2. Linden Lab has no control over griefers in Secondlife

  3. Fia, Gaga and Bo thanks for your answer. I agree they dont have much of control. The grid is huge… But im surprised they cant protect their own Premium sandbox (?) Me and my neighbours dont have rezz on our parcels but that doesnt help… Griefers has their ways. I dont wanna shut off so ppl cant fly over my parcel either (object entrance) I hate banlines and stuff like that so i have to live with this. And as it is sunday no one is working at LL :/


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