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November 9, 2012

Pickup Line – Gangnam Style

How about this Indian person? Look at how smooth he is until he comes to the goal to “friend” me ;) But why did he talk to me (of all people) and how did he find me? (the conversation is slightly shortened):
– Man from India: hi how are you ?
– Man from India: your profile is nice
– Vesper  (Mera): hi, ok thanks
– Man from India: you are a complicated person :)
– Man from India: i am a very simple normal person :)
– Vesper  (Mera): good for you :O)
– Man from India: i am Sailesh from Bangalore in India
– Vesper (Mera): nice
– Man from India: we Indian people work 14 to 16 hours in a day and we enjoy working, we are also a cheaper or less expensive work force in the world
– Vesper (Mera): mm
– Man from India: :)
– Man from India: in administration do you have to deal with nut cases some times ?
– Man from India: lol
– Vesper  (Mera): yes!!!!
– Man from India: it is a tough job then
– Vesper  (Mera): yes but maniacs are everywhere u just have to deal with it :]
– Man from India: yes they are few bad people all over the globe
– Vesper  (Mera): more than a few sorry to say
– Man from India: yes
– Man from India: i am this kind of person and i am dedicating the song to you:
– Vesper  (Mera): oh
– Man from India: hope you like it :)
– Vesper Kling: oh its sweet thank you
– Man from India: :) welcome
– Vesper Kling: :)
– Man from India: we indians don’t say welcome when some one says thanks to us, we simply smile as reply
– Man from India: can i please add you as friend ? you can delete any tie you don’t like
– Vesper  (Mera): i only add people i know quite well
– Man from India: there is no force up to you
– Vesper  (Mera): i appreciate your attitude
– Vesper  (Mera): but i have a partner too as you have
– Man from India: we are only trying to chat lol
– Man from India: i can understand that we can simply talk instead of bonding i mean like buddies
– Vesper (Mera): how did u find me?
– Man from India: i think on blekinge sim that is filled with snow, i saw on radar your name is more similar to Indian name
– Man from India: so i tried to talk to you
– Vesper (Mera): i havent been on that sim

Shortly after this I realised he had met my “Evil Twin” Vesper I. She has a ranch at the snowlands and our names are quite similar. Sowwy Vesper, I stole your flirt! :D:D

October 25, 2012

Pick up lines – The none smoker

In Swedish this time and very creative!:

– Bellona Swords: veppe <3
– Miss T blänger på Mera och undrar om han ska bjuda upp henne eller röka
– Mera (Veppe): jag kan göra både och ;)
– Miss T: du röker inte och dansar med mig grabben, då får du plocka av min
satintop me pincett
– Mera (Veppe): lol Miss T, äger ingen pincett gumman :)
– Miss T: Nä så fimpa då!
– Betty Idler: lol
– Mera (Veppe): hahah forget it ;)

Pics from Kickis Deck, Yadkin.

October 17, 2012

Pickup Lines – Sugardaddy

I honestly dont know if this is a sort of a pickup line, what do you think? If so, its at least classy:

– Keezie: Hello there, you know you left some of your horses on a sandbox? o.o, or just free roaming?
– Mera: hi, yes i have lack of prims atm :O)
– Keezie: Oh, okay – just makin’ sure. ^^
– Mera: :))
– Mera : I feed them in the sandbox :)
– Keezie: :P
– Keezie: How many prims do you need?
– Mera: ty but im good, just cheap lady :))
– Keezie: ah, alrighty – have like 2,000 free
– Mera: oh my :O)
– Keezie: Was going to offer you to use the ground on my shop if you wanted.
– Keezie: Doesn’t bother me eitherway.
– Mera : oh thanks u are so sweet but i cant possible accept such a generous offer
– Keezie: ^^, well let me know if you change your mind
– Mera : thanks :)
– Keezie: Welcome

October 8, 2012

Pickup Lines – The Tail Fetishist

I get pickup lines in Second Life too sometimes. But definitely not as often as others it seems…. And they are seldom “explicit”. Instead more refined as this example:

– RunningScared: /me bites my lip, feeling my skin turn hot as i watch you strut by seductively. I smile gently to you as you walk by, tail swishing through the air
– Mera: ?
– RunningScared: sorry I didn’t mean to.. I mean I couldn’t help staring
– Mera: :))
– RunningScared: I’m a sucker for a woman with a tail in a t shirt
– Mera: well sl is flooded with them so u might get lucky :D
– RunningScared: lol naw, most of the girls with tails of some kind aren’t very subtle lol. It’s nice to see someone in something besides silks, dresses, and leather and lace

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