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December 10, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

Maybee you already know Fia and Vesper are no longer an item. But maybee you dont know why that is? I can tell you why. 1 day when Vesper came home he found Fia cuddling a horse in red ribbons and all his furnitures where removed. Their cosy home looked like a stable with some hay in the corners. Fia looked a bit ashamed and admitted she just got this months Amaretto Showhorse and there was no room for both the horse and Vesper so she had to choose…

Vesper looked at the horse´s rear and remembered a quote from 1 of his favourite authors so he didnt argue, just turned around and hit the road. Alone again….

Horses are uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends.  ~  Ian Fleming

May be continued…… (If I can find Vesper in 1 of those endless bars he´s going between)

November 29, 2012

To be yourself in a virtual world

Dont be too sure of anything in a virtual world.

It aint what u know that gets you into trouble. Its what u know for sure

that just ain´t so…

~ Mark Twain

Pic;  Strange shapeshifter Mera at home trying to lure Leanna to eat the forbidden fruit.

Some people goes on and on about how important it is to “be yourself” in a virtual world. I dont know what they mean or if they understand it themselves. (Do they have an avie that is a copy of their Real life body?)  I dont know if I am “myself” (this is becoming too profound!) but this is The Virtual Me, exactly as I am. In all my shapes, me myself and I. I dont seek approval, but a little hug now and then is totally ok :)

So here is a fairytale for you: A person in a virtual world can choose to look like whatever he or she prefers. It´s a well known fact that we automatically trust beautyful people more than less beautyful people. Humans are not that smart…. If you make your avie look strange or shapeshift a lot, you must be strange IRL (in real life) too. Isnt that so?

I dont think so. I think in fact the opposite. If u really are strange and have problems to fit in IRL you may not want that in a virtual world. You are in a world where you can hide your awkward self behind your gorgeous avie and be “normal”. A dream come true.

It could be that the ones that try the hardest to make their avies look “normal” and attractive, may be the ones you should stay away from. Not the dragon or the flying blue bunny. I cant be sure of course, but I have a feeling…..

Dont dream too many nightmares now ;)

November 9, 2012

Pickup Line – Gangnam Style

How about this Indian person? Look at how smooth he is until he comes to the goal to “friend” me ;) But why did he talk to me (of all people) and how did he find me? (the conversation is slightly shortened):
– Man from India: hi how are you ?
– Man from India: your profile is nice
– Vesper  (Mera): hi, ok thanks
– Man from India: you are a complicated person :)
– Man from India: i am a very simple normal person :)
– Vesper  (Mera): good for you :O)
– Man from India: i am Sailesh from Bangalore in India
– Vesper (Mera): nice
– Man from India: we Indian people work 14 to 16 hours in a day and we enjoy working, we are also a cheaper or less expensive work force in the world
– Vesper (Mera): mm
– Man from India: :)
– Man from India: in administration do you have to deal with nut cases some times ?
– Man from India: lol
– Vesper  (Mera): yes!!!!
– Man from India: it is a tough job then
– Vesper  (Mera): yes but maniacs are everywhere u just have to deal with it :]
– Man from India: yes they are few bad people all over the globe
– Vesper  (Mera): more than a few sorry to say
– Man from India: yes
– Man from India: i am this kind of person and i am dedicating the song to you:
– Vesper  (Mera): oh
– Man from India: hope you like it :)
– Vesper Kling: oh its sweet thank you
– Man from India: :) welcome
– Vesper Kling: :)
– Man from India: we indians don’t say welcome when some one says thanks to us, we simply smile as reply
– Man from India: can i please add you as friend ? you can delete any tie you don’t like
– Vesper  (Mera): i only add people i know quite well
– Man from India: there is no force up to you
– Vesper  (Mera): i appreciate your attitude
– Vesper  (Mera): but i have a partner too as you have
– Man from India: we are only trying to chat lol
– Man from India: i can understand that we can simply talk instead of bonding i mean like buddies
– Vesper (Mera): how did u find me?
– Man from India: i think on blekinge sim that is filled with snow, i saw on radar your name is more similar to Indian name
– Man from India: so i tried to talk to you
– Vesper (Mera): i havent been on that sim

Shortly after this I realised he had met my “Evil Twin” Vesper I. She has a ranch at the snowlands and our names are quite similar. Sowwy Vesper, I stole your flirt! :D:D

October 3, 2012

Flirting has a price

Vesper wasnt sure Fia didnt flirt a bit when talking to that “Friend” the other day LINK so he got an idea in the ABC horse chat to make her pay for that. Fia, feeling a bit guilty (?) could dance for his horses to make them produce ossum foals:

– SpinDaReLLa: this is ABC and not BDSM? Right?
– devilishdan: damn thats where i am going wrong…i have to dance naked in front of them?
– Mera: B in ABC is for Bondage?
– Mera: A for Advanced?
– Mera: C is?
– ?ï?? ?ee: lol
– dasani: Well we all know the “C” Is for Creativity

And it seemed to work too, even with clothes…  :O)

September 23, 2012

To read a chicks mind

Bl-dy saturday and Vesper had no one to dance with :( But he was sure Fia wanted to dance, u know how chicks are, they always say the opposite of what they want dont they? So he grabbed her by the hair and went to Kickis deck in the Swedish sim Yadkin.

he told her to stay put so they could dance.

Next problem was to find the dance ball. He clicked and clicked by nothing happened other than  he got Vampadis handbag in da head. -My god what´s her problem? Bloody greedy having 2 danceballs and not share them. Women! he said

Lelle had the same problem searching for danceballs in Blossoms skirt, but at least he didnt get any handbag in his head….

Our own little paparazzi came too late and missed all the juicy news.

Kicki played nice tunes all evening and it was fab. So after some hours Vesper just grabbed Fia in the hair and dragged her home again. After all the evening turned out  quite nicely :]

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