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October 6, 2013

Here There and Everywhere


I dont find peace anywhere anymore. In no life, in no world. I´m here there and everywhere, jumping around restless. And I want to cry when I listen to this song:

Partly because of personal reasons, but also because it reminds me that time flies so fast. But that is life. Just keep on breathing.

Skin, Linnea, is Octobers groupgift (99 to join group) from Lutricias Luxuries


March 9, 2013

Heartbreak Hotel

We have all been there havent we, Heartbreak Hotel. But tonight this is 1 of Swedens contributions to the Eurovision song contest. The coolest ever. 17 year old boy from northern of Sweden. He i like an avatar stepped out into real life:

Lets hope he makes it!




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