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August 22, 2012

Official ABC horse racing has started!

So now its time to train our horses and ourselves for the races! Geisha Cerise is training us here. Its important to do it right, otherwise u could get DQ (disqualified) in the race.

So if you are interested in horse racing and own a sulky horse, American Standardbred or Hackney, please join our group “ABC Sulky Horse Central” to join the fun! We will try to arrange regular training sessions with Geisha in the future.

There is also betting going on and i have seen ppl walk away with quite an amount of Linden dollars after a race…..

This track is located at:


June 5, 2012

My spooky avatar part 2

Now it has happened again, my avie acts on her own. My former avie did this several times like i wrote in an earlier posting (link). But this is the first time i notice it with my main. I was standing in my stable zooming in my newborn foal and when i zoomed out again my avie was standing like this. Enchanted Miss Smythe looked a bit shocked behind me. Lucky enough I took a pic this time. But how did she climb up? I didn´t succeed when I tried again…. Does your avies behave like this? D:

May 24, 2012

A happy family?

Cut from Twitter (the worst gossip ghetto ever if u ask me! :)) some days ago;

@Leanna_IW -@misosusanowa is pregnant. @MeraKranfel did it \o/

@onlyalexhayden -*Spits coffee across room before sussing conversation is about Horses…

@Leanna_IW -LMAO! they did it while I was gone :O

@jimtarber -What, are you jealous you weren’t part of the impregnation?

@Leanna_IW -I wanted to watch :D

@AnnaLoom -Horses? That makes it even worse .. omg

@MeraKranfel -my pleasure :]

@misosusanowa -I categorically deny any horsing around in my name!

@onlyalexhayden -Whatever you do Anna, don’t let Mera pull you to the dark side of SL
Horses…if you do, you’ll be breeding them before too long….. :D

@AnnaLoom -so now I know what the reason was when I always rode my bike to Pony club :)

(The horses, bunneh and human in the pic are totally innocent)

May 11, 2012

Mr Smythe and The Monday Club

Pic: Gittrika Mint, owner of The Monday Club and her awesomesauze horse Enchanted Mystery. This weeks #FF blog is, link – “SL Gittrikas Life” (in Swedish). The blog contains of a lot of interesting stuff (use Google translator!). But most of all this is Gittrikas channel for announcing her awesome parties at The Monday Club (Måndagsbörsen in Swedish) and Green Room. Mr Smythe asked Gittrika about her club:

Mr Smythe: How long has The Monday club been around?

Gittrika: There will be a 3 year rezz party for the club the 11 of june! (With a lot of surprises, more information later).

Mr Smythe: Do you often have themed parties and do you announce the theme in your blog?

Gittrika: yes themed parties every monday and wednesday, i have them in my blog. Im thinking about saturdays too….

Mr Smythe: When are u going to have a horse theme then? :}

I will have a horse theme this monday :) Or country and western theme sort of.

So we went to The Monday Club yesterday and had a look at it:

Mr Smythe: -Beer dancing? Whiskey girls?

Mr Smythe: How about DJs? Do you DJ yourself?

Gittrika: Weatherwax, he is kind of a DJ of the house:)

Mr Smythe: Do u have a group?

Yes! Join here; 27203e02-b172-4e8b-faa8-7f95f4e783ca (copy and paste in chat)

Mr Smythe: –Is this a “whiskey girl”? She looks a tad sloshed i must admit…I need to keep sober so I dont fall for that one…It so would make my mistress CR me twice if she could “O_O”

Clon’s shoutcast club board 2.33: Tone Loc – Wild thing

Dont miss The Monday Club on mondays at 12:30 SLT or Green Room every wednesdays at 12:30 SLT!

SLURL; The Monday Club

May 6, 2012

Mr Smythes Grand Adventures in Second Life

I am Mr Smythe, I am a ABC horse and this is my mistress, hmm… or slave(?) Mera. Anyhoo we sort of stumbled over each other at Skylar Smythes barn and after a while she hooked me up with one of her mares and … u know things happens. So I have moved from Skylar to Mera now. We are supposed to explore the grid together. That is, when I dont have a hot date.

I am an American Standardbred, even though my mistress calls me a mongrel. My parents are both Starter horses so they treat me with a mix of genes to choose from when i breed. And breed i will! ;)  I know my mistress is secretly hoping I will come up with some awesome foals in between our exploring. She tries to hide it but you can see how proud she is of me in this pic…

So join us and experience the grid from a horse view (not with a horse viewer =)) Use the tag “MrSmythe” to find the postings from now on. Not many yet though, we just started this with a race around Heterocera 1st of may 2012. So we´ll see how it goes. But be careful, I may turn up at a event in your neighbourhood, if you are lucky… or unlucky? ;)

To be continued….

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