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January 8, 2013

My Enchanted Night Mare

Pic; My winged horse painting from artist ArtWolf , SLurl – visit her gallery

Amaretto are a different kind of virtual horse than ABC horses but I like them a lot as it is so exciting to create my “own” horse so to speak. You can choose from multible breeds, colours and stuff. Pretty cool!

I got a lot of strange offspring from my ABC horses for some months now so I have decided to downgrade and work on Amaretto instead. I was inspired when I got a black winged mare. Read the story behind the black winged horse:

“Aganippe “the Mare who destroys mercifully” was an aspect of Demeter. In this form she was a black winged horse worshiped by certain cults. In this aspect she was portrayed as mare-headed with a mane entwined with Gorgon Snakes. This aspect was also associated with Anion (or Arion) whom Heracles rode, who later inspired tales of Pegasus”. ~ Wikipedia

So I will play a little with this Night Mares as I call them. My goal is a black horse with long wild hair and a long up tail. Her eyes will be poison and they will have a skull branding.

Pic: The Poison eye on a white walker with wings and skull branding, 1 of my breedings

Also gloom or blush wild hair and tail so they get a deep black colour. The wing is Indian Corn, a black and red wing. Later on i will implement some hoof colour and ear traits too (and some more traits if possible maybee null luster for example). Isnt she a beauty my little Enchanted Aganippe? Even if she has green eyes. I got a lot of work ahead of me….:

December 23, 2012

Milk and Cookies


“Sometimes me think, what is a friend? Then me think, friend is some1 to share last cookie with”. ~cookie monster

Pic: My Amaretto Horses sleeping at home waiting for Christmas <3

December 10, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

Maybee you already know Fia and Vesper are no longer an item. But maybee you dont know why that is? I can tell you why. 1 day when Vesper came home he found Fia cuddling a horse in red ribbons and all his furnitures where removed. Their cosy home looked like a stable with some hay in the corners. Fia looked a bit ashamed and admitted she just got this months Amaretto Showhorse and there was no room for both the horse and Vesper so she had to choose…

Vesper looked at the horse´s rear and remembered a quote from 1 of his favourite authors so he didnt argue, just turned around and hit the road. Alone again….

Horses are uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends.  ~  Ian Fleming

May be continued…… (If I can find Vesper in 1 of those endless bars he´s going between)

October 17, 2012

Pickup Lines – Sugardaddy

I honestly dont know if this is a sort of a pickup line, what do you think? If so, its at least classy:

– Keezie: Hello there, you know you left some of your horses on a sandbox? o.o, or just free roaming?
– Mera: hi, yes i have lack of prims atm :O)
– Keezie: Oh, okay – just makin’ sure. ^^
– Mera: :))
– Mera : I feed them in the sandbox :)
– Keezie: :P
– Keezie: How many prims do you need?
– Mera: ty but im good, just cheap lady :))
– Keezie: ah, alrighty – have like 2,000 free
– Mera: oh my :O)
– Keezie: Was going to offer you to use the ground on my shop if you wanted.
– Keezie: Doesn’t bother me eitherway.
– Mera : oh thanks u are so sweet but i cant possible accept such a generous offer
– Keezie: ^^, well let me know if you change your mind
– Mera : thanks :)
– Keezie: Welcome

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