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December 15, 2013

Big Winter by Miso Susanowa

This shows the healing power Virtual Worlds can have. Virtual worlds have had a lot of bad press in the past but last years more and more positive examples emerges. This is how Miso wants to show a way to deal with the darkness using virtual art as a tool:

“The story behind my sculpture ‘Big Winter’ – this piece (and film) are about clinical depression and an escape from it into the life forces of artwork.” ~ Miso Susanowa

Other examples from people who have found a way to heal in virtual worlds:



September 25, 2013

Basilique – a tranquil place in Second Life


Thank you Becky for reminding me and inviting me to this wonderful place in Second Life. Iv been here before, of course, but now its rebuilt a bit. Every detail is exquisit, truly amazing. I walked around, had lunch in the restaurant, window shopped for beautyful dresses and finally found the pier.

Two ladies was resting on the benches and agreed to let me take some pictures. I didnt feel my tail fitted in the environment somehow… ;) So if you need a place to heal, and if you enjoy wonderful architecture, Basilique is for you. With or without tail.

This is also the place where you can see the unforgettable Romeo and Juliet play.


Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
~ Hippocrates


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September 13, 2013

Virtual Reality makes us happy or unhappy?

This is so sweet:

“Virtual social connection can even provide a buffer against stress and pain: in a 2009 study, Lieberman and his colleagues demonstrated that a painful stimulus hurt less when a woman either held her boyfriend’s hand or looked at his picture; the pain-dulling effects of the picture were, in fact, twice as powerful as physical contact. ….”

Read on and have a wonderful weekend:

July 17, 2013

The past and the future


Some weeks ago I had a guessing game with my friends. All these pictures are me or rather my “avie” if that is a difference? Where and when are these pictures taken? Which world and which year? This was no easy task. Take a guess and if you dont make it you can find the answer at the bottom of this post. If you like the idea, make your own collage with old pictures and paste a link in comments here :)

I have had a break from blogging for a while and im not sure how much I will blog in the future. Im in kind of a healing period now so I will take it slow. 1 thing is for sure, I wont share any personal stuff, especially not RL as a person I knew before has abused that information even tho it was only casual information. I only share my RL and my private thoughts with 1 special dear and trusted friend in virtual worlds nowadays.  But I may share interesting stuff about virtual worlds with you all when I find it.

The picture shows my past, but what about the future?

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love ~ H.Humphrey


1. Avatar Hangout (Open sim december 2008)
2. Second Life (Chamonix may 2010)
3. Cloud Party 2013
4. Entropia Universe – 2013
5. New World Grid 2009 on 1 of my own 9 regions in may 2009

I rezzed in Second Life 25 oktober 2008 with my first avie Alessia Kranfel and after 1 month about i stood, bored, at a live concert/party (well yes hrmm im not a huge fan of virtual parties sorry to say ;). As i was bored i enjoyed myself with some profile perving. 1 man had a profile with pictures and texts about another world – Avatar Hangout – and open sim world. I was puzzled. There was other worlds than Second Life? Curiosity killed the cat so i threw myself on him and “demanded” he show me this world. That was my way into open sim. And yes… im afraid the hair is illegally copybotted but not by me :}

If you have time you can read more about the past in virtual worlds in Prim Perfects last edition:

May 20, 2012

I got him, I love him!

I got AlexHayden! He is mine and he lives with me now! Forever I hope! Lubs him and I think he lubs me <3

Yes I got him when I donated at the RFL event (Relay For Life) yesterday. Its a lot of money yes, but it is for a good cause. My grandmother died in cancer and I still remember how traumatic it was to visit her in the hospital even if I was a small child at that time. Yes she died far too early :´(

So I wanted to donate and get this beautyful ABC horse as a memory even if i dont breed this kind of heavy breed normally (i mostly focus on Thoroughbreds). I will keep him even when he i retired, as a pet of course (as i would with any lover :O) It is a brilliant idea that u get a nice gift like this when u donate. Normally u just donate this amount irl and u dont expect to get anything of course, so this is a great bonus. Thanks a lot Darcul Bellic, creator of ABC horses <3

His name? As u may have guessed already, it´s “Enchanted by AlexHayden” of course =) Alex is a dear friend who got me very very worried some time ago when he was very ill but he is good now. Me and some friends stalked him with healing sessions through multiple grids so he had no chanse to be otherwise <3

So this beautyful horse is standing on my pixel lawn now with his purple ribbons eating hay, as a monument of hope for me.

Take care

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