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September 28, 2013

Romeo and Juliet in Second Life

A scene from the production of Romeo + Juliet, which is performed weekly in Second Life.

September 8, 2013

Botgirl in Cloud Party



Botgirl has an interesting exhibition in Cloud Party. Its easy to visit and you dont have to register, just click the link and choose a temporary avatar with a temporary name and you are in! Chrome are the prefered viewer in Cloud Party. Link:

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January 1, 2013

Art in the Cloud – Cloud Party

June 26, 2012

Fan art and fairytale horses

TopazDawn make wonderful fan art pictures of our ABC horses in photoshop. This picture is from my place and my 2 American standardbreds with heads together. Actually they had their heads IN each other but she fixed that in psp! Talented lady. So if u want a great pic or a profile pic of yourself, maybee a morph or likewise, this is the place:  or im TopazDawn.

Here is the original horses:

I have decided to pursue breeding American Standardbred because they are so beautyful. For me they look like fairytale horses. Suitable for fairies and elfs? I have a lot of work still to get the skills up… I hope sulky races will start soon (of course there are unofficial races already = great fun!).

So I decided i had to quit 1 of my breeds and that is Hackney. Not an easy decision cos i love them. So I lend my wonderful stallion Enchanted Viking, a palomino hackney with long curly mane and curly tail, to my friend Gittrika Mint for a while. She breeds hackneys and has bought my black mare Enchanted Ice too. Good luck with your Hackneys Gitt!

May 17, 2012

Grand Opening Weekend on Solace 18-20 may

Our own amazon artist lady from Finland, ArtWolf, presents The Future Vision Art Gallery;


We opens place from  10 .30 am sl time
11am to  12 noon DJ Bloody Leena (Finland)
1pm–to 2 pm  live singer and  piano artist  Prowess Rayna ,with stunning beautyful music

she plays in sl and  rl and iw
chek up her profile ,there  web page for her calendar where she plays.
3pm sl—4 pm sl  dj Crazy (usa ,plays soulhouse music)
meet  also artist  ,they  will be own times  on gallery.


all artsits will be meet on gallery round day
also some artist  holds own personal  openings  that day
10am-11am sl , dj Crow, Finland
12noon to  2pm DJ Bloody Leena



11am to 12 noon plays  dj Bloody Leena

1pm sl— plays dj Safi  (worldmusic) (uk)


Warm welcome!

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