Runaway Bride

There was a  little conversation on the beach inWorldz last week I forgot to mention. Somehow it had escaped Leannas mind she was actually married to Vesper and now had tangled herself into some kind of relation with a grid monkey (Jim I advice you not to set foot on the same region as Vesper….) :

– Vesper Kling: U know kahlan, Leanna and I are married…
– Leanna Caerndow: ruh oh
– Vesper Kling: i never heard anything about a divorce anyhoo
– Kahlan Paneer: she failed to mention this
Leanna Caerndow iz in trouble
– Kahlan Paneer: were you forced into the marriage, vesper?
– Leanna Caerndow: we were never married!
Leanna Caerndow flails
– Vesper Kling:
– Leanna Caerndow: omg no XD
– Vesper Kling: a pic never lies
– Leanna Caerndow: LMAO I almost forgot that :D
– Vesper Kling: :}
– Kahlan Paneer: LELE!
– Vesper Kling: u see she tries to look innocent…
– Vesper Kling: and when i turn my back…
– Leanna Caerndow: >.>
– Vesper Kling: ill get backatcha dont worry sweetie ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: yah that’s what worries me
– Kahlan Paneer: yes but she is unable to pull it off
– Leanna Caerndow: I *am* innocent
– Leanna Caerndow: :(
– Kahlan Paneer: not even in your dreams (I soo agree!)

Vesper sends a lovesong to his inworldz beach babes, the best version ever so dont miss this!: I give u InWorldz girls(?) with David Le Roth

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