Sell your Second Life account?

This male avatar is for sale, or was for sale in october 2010. Do you want to buy him? Only 20.000 LD… and if Linden Lab finds out, bye bye LD and avatar… as this is, if you read TOS 3.1, illegal: “You may not transfer or assign your Account and its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party without the prior written consent of Linden Lab“.

Why is that? WOW account sells all the time in MMORP actions? Its not legal but ppl do it anyway. A man got 9000 dollar for a character in wow for example. Its illegal because of permissions of stuff cant be transferred from one person to another. So you need to get permission from LL to transfer an account and they will probably empty the account first. Then maybee they give consent, i dunno? Im sure they have other reasons too. If it is a well known avatar that changes owner there is a risk for fraud.

I have talked to a person who claims that accounts sells all the time. And why? Some people says “its just to create a new account, its free”. But its not that easy. The truth is that its easier to do business with an old avatar. You get more respect and people tend to trust you more if you are older in Second Life. He claims that some landlords has bought their avies to get more business. This might be true. As a forum member said: “If one owned a large estate containing many estate sims with a particular account, and sold all these estate regions to another buyer, one way to avoid the 100 USD transfer charge per region would be to simply hand over the credentials of their account to the new owner. I have seen evidence that this may have been done in the past, but I can not be sure.

But it this ok? I have talked to people who thinks this is absolutely ok. I´m not sure I agree. I think an avatar its a specific person (even in pixels) and its to deceive people to take over another persons account. If you buy an account from 2004 and you are born in Second Life  2010 ppl might trust your skills a lot more than if you had your original. Them who are for this claims this should only be done with unknown alts, but still…. What do you think?

See also: Forcremes blog about this issue

About selling other virtual stuff I think Entropia has the record. I have been visiting Club Neverdie in Entropia for example: “In the Guinness Book of World Records (2008), the title of “The Most Expensive Virtual Object” went to Club Neverdie which is an asteroid space resort in the Entropia Universe. The resort includes a nightclub, a sports stadium, a shopping mall, bio domes, a space dock and over 1000 apartment buildings. Jon Jacobs bought the asteroid for $100,000, mortgaging his house in order to fund the purchase and he made his money back within a year. The resort is now estimated to be worth $1 million and it generates a large monthly income for him. Jon also paid $10,000 for a rare green egg which is on display at his resort. The Entropia world has an economy which values 10 in-game dollars as 1 real U.S. dollar and people can deposit and withdraw money. The developers estimate the daily turnover on their world exceeds $1.25 million.

That is major.

The role play and comic character of mine inWorldz, awesomesauze Casanova Vesper Kling, is not for sale. (You would never have enough funds anyhoo so eat your hearts out  ;)

Hair: Boudica Destiny <3


75 Responses to “Sell your Second Life account?”

  1. I would like to buy … er rent Vesper for a night? please? can we bid? grins..

  2. i’ll trade the SL Ener Hax for a month’s worth of poutine!

  3. I’ll big bucks to find out who his hairdresser is! And steal a kiss…

  4. @Kate… me sees a new possible source of income… Madame Mera´s … xoxo
    @Ener; i will seriously concider that! xxxxxx
    @Boudica! OHHHH its YOU who is awesome hairdresser of course *facepalms* xoxo

  5. Let me cut in and be boring and serious.. plllzzz just for a min .. come on .. can I ??? Well apparently I cant for to long;)
    Anyhoo.. I see both side of the arguement and I think that this shows you who consideres virtual worlds as a game and who takes it serious, meaning they dont consider virtual worlds as games but sees it for what it really is.

    (and yes I know Kate and Ener is joking ;) )

    I must side with you Mera I dont think its a good idea for virtual accounts to be bought and sold. It will drag virtual worlds down to the game level.
    Ive have so many debates with people on this subject and I have been pondering a blog on the subject..maybe and maybe not .. well see ;)

    • Lady; so u wont bid on Vesper?? *sniffs*
      About being serious I agree. To legalise selling accounts would make things worse. Ppl would trust even less in the idea of using avatars than today…

  6. Hiya, I think I would sell my account including all my sim to the highest bidder when time comes that I don’t have free time anymore or when a buyer bids enough cash;-) My sims also generate a steady income but they also need someone to look after, update and maintain.

    About the trust people have in older accounts. I can see that yes, but why not simply make an extra tab in the profile overview for account transfer information? Easy does it. I think we all should be free to sell and or buy our accounts. The accounts and all scenery and builds we have created are 100% our creations. LL has nothing to do with our creativity. All they are doing is renting space and provide a toolbox.


  7. My avatar is 4 years 8 months old ….. (10/02/08)
    You think i can sell it on ebay ? ))))

  8. well am interested in buying any Male account that goes 5 years and above , handsome cash will be there , let me know if any is interested and LL can kiss my virtual ass

    • I have two male avatars over 5 years of age. My girlfriend has 2 female avatars. As we’re about to leave SL we have the choice of just dump them or sell them. But all 4 have accomplished so much it would be a shame to dump them. We’re not just selling, any possible buyer has to prove he or she can live up to these avatars and keep their dignity and pride at all times. After all it was US. We prefer couples as buyers as they always loved (and still do in RL) each other. Let us know if you’re interested.

  9. i’m also interested in buying an account that goes 3 years and more, let me know if any is interested

  10. I want sell my second life account. My account is from year 2010 so 3 years old. It is female account with last name. I sell on my account skins, shapes and tattoo and I have shop too.
    I have about 6000 items in my inventory. Much hairs, skins [Full perm – you can sell them, or no full perm] Shapes – you can sell them too it is my own products, I have here mesh full perm clothing what you can sell too, Ao, animations, poses, clothing and much more … If you are interested please write me on my account leilasweet nayar … thank you

  11. And I want sell my second life account too.I have a very beautiful female avatar,very sexy .Also a good sexy AO .And If you are interested write me DANA7174

  12. i want buy nicks 2002 and 2003 and 2004 and 2005
    any body sell wite me ( SuperX Adder )

  13. Im interested to get a male avatar without a Resident last name, please contact me.

    • I have a male account from 2009, if you are interested still Robert contact me at this e-mail(no spaces) hathor_sg1x @ comcast . net

  14. I have account from 2008 2009 2010 male and female if u are interested contact my email

  15. *i have a female (2009)…she has al vulo skins…truth hair ….beautiful shape…ready to play now ( has last name)
    *another female that is (2010) currently a mesh monkey avi …(with last name)
    *Unisex name account ( 02/08/2009 (1680) ) pretty basic ..will need a good shop (last name)
    * Resident named account ( was used as a main) so she is fully decked out with quality up to date skins and clothing ( rp based) weapons ect
    * Male Avi ( although could be unisex name – with last name) 06/22/2007

    Contact me on –

  16. SuperX good luck on that, oldest accounts are 2003

  17. I am selling a few old accounts males and females with last names and with lots of items. Email me d, or send me message in Skype valntayn214.

  18. pls this my email

    i want buy nicks 2002 and 2003 and 2004 and 2005
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  19. Skype : alvip77

  20. Hey i wanna buy an SL Avi Account from 2005-2007 if anybody has one please write me… Thanks a lot. (Female or Unisex)

  21. I have a female and male both 3 plus years. IM me in world on my alt Drezlynn Resident ASAP.. Thanks.

  22. Id like to buy an avi from 2003-2007 please email me info at Will pay whatever

  23. I have a female account from sale rez date is: 3-29-09 It was used for escorting, rpg sims, etc. Has some full perm items on it, tons of clothes, skins, shapes, hair, mesh. Also has extra items. Asking $300 for it OR best offer. It is also setup for bloodlines, but it is destoryed. Please email me if you are serious about buying it. hathoramaterasu @ gmail . com

  24. hi guys!! i want to sell 2008 avatars…7 year yay!!!! all noob, no items… more than 10 avatars… only 9k each

  25. hi guys!! i want to sell 2008 avatars…7 year yay!!!! all noob, no items… more than 10 avatars… only 9k each ricardoyu @ gmail . com (without space)

  26. i’m selling an old 08 account. female name. not noob at all. send your offer to

  27. i want to buy 3 years old or moor avatar :

  28. hi guys!! i want to sell 2008 avatars…7 year yay!!!! all noob, no items… more than 10 avatars… only 9k each ricardoyu @ gmail . com (without space)

  29. i’m selling 2008 account 30k each leave your email to talk.

  30. i have 2007 account for sell 50k please leave your skype if interesting

  31. hello i’m looking for an avatar male from 2004-2007 , noob, no items, please contact me

  32. i have more acc in SL 2003-2005 to sell if any1 interesting

  33. have for sale , 3 av 2008 for 39k , 5 av 2008 60k , 10 av 2008 110k …contact ricardoyu @ gmail . com

  34. Hello, I’m interested into selling a female account, she was born in 09/20/2009 (1804 days old as of this moment). She has a full legacy name (None of that Resident nonsense), she also has the exclusive Wowmeh Mesh Body (So exclusive is not being sold anymore), slink casual hands, slink flat, mid and high, around 53 outfits created around her Wowmeh body, different shapes (Moddable), different skins and hairstyles.

    She also has a few pre-mesh era outfits, different shoes and sandals, and even an Empower Magick HUD (Deluxe edition and outdated, so it might appear as destroyed, just follow the instructions for a free redelivery), and about 9300 items (Meaning, you won’t get lag when you log in due inventory load).

    If you’re interested, please hit me up at and I’ll make arrangements so you can see the avatar yourself, I have screenshots proving her identity, the information described above and a glimpse to her Outfits Folder.

  35. I have a male avatar I’m willing to part with. Rez date 9/10/2010. He does have a legacy name. Contact me privately if interested.

  36. I’m looking to buy female avatars that are older than 1 year.

  37. Selling four accounts from 2008, legacy names, two female, two which could be used for either female or male. Contact me by email if interested:

  38. Selling Second life accounts from 2009. contact me if interested

  39. Me again, I have two accounts, one from 2010 and the other from 2009, both male, both with bare essentials, both with legacy names. Please contact me for a deal if you’re interested at Thank you!

  40. send note to takakura52 Vollmar he is for sale No friends , no history just unknow alt….
    13 000 lindens and it all yours.

  41. send note to takakura52 Vollmar he is for sale No friends , no history just unknow alt….
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  42. I Would like to buy second life account, it can be not very old. ( 2 months and older).contact me

  43. Real takakura52 Vollmar says 7000L$ send note to me

  44. I like to sell my alt. She is born 04/27/2008 and she not has been friends and i`m just exploring sl with it alone 5000L$ and its yours. I give you all details after you are paid. Just send message to me at :

  45. Selling an two old account, one from 2002 and another from 2003. If interested email

    Serious offers only.

  46. hi
    back in 2006 i have made an account, and never use it.
    dont know anything about second life
    checking if someone like to buy the account

  47. looking to buy a male account with a rezday from 2002 – 2006 if u got any contact me on skype name is jessnyborg1909

  48. I would like to buy any Av’s anything over 1 year old , please post your email if you are interested

  49. i have 2 avi’s, 1 male , 1 female for sale. the female has a legacy last name, the male doesnt. both have high quality skin, clothing, hair.. If interested in seeing them please contact me..

  50. selling 2008 2009 avs ricardoyu@gmail. com

  51. i want old Account from 2003
    if u have just tell me

  52. selling 2006 2008 avs ricardoyu@gmail. com

  53. i sell woman avatar from the year 2008. She is now 7 years ( born nov 12 )
    She is used only unknow alt. I not need much avatars because now i have rl too :-)
    My main are from to year 2003 but i not want sell it – atleast yet- If you are interesting so write to me

  54. unknow woman avatar for sale. She was born 12th may 2007 so she is over 8 years. No payment info use, no friends ever, No history. Inventory : yes. You not need start begin :-) my address is : 12k

  55. i have man avatar from year 2008 for sale. Surname is Kips. I don`t know why i create man av then because i haven`t use it much. No friends, no history. Only 8000L for you.

  56. Five female legacy accounts for sale, four from 2007 and one from 2008. Noob condition, clean inventory, no friends, no history. 12kL$ each. Contact by email:

  57. One female av with legacy nice name. Only little inventory. Not used much. No friends, no history ever. I just created it as alt year 2008 but not much use it. It has never talked with nobody. Surname is Galicia. 10kL$

    reply to:

  58. Looking for 2002 to 2003 account email


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