Keep your clothes on InWorldz….


in IM with Leanna:

– Vesper Kling: GOD!
– Vesper Kling: no clothes!
– Vesper Kling: D:
– Leanna Caerndow: LMAO!
– Vesper Kling: i lost all attachments
– Leanna Caerndow: eeeeep
– Vesper Kling: except the piercing
– Vesper Kling: ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: rofl!
– Leanna Caerndow: and the shape?
– Vesper Kling: i dont have to shoot anyone :O) (i had promised to shoot some grid monkeh if my shape was lost again ;)
– Leanna Caerndow: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D \o/
– Leanna Caerndow: *_* (and what exactly did Leanna mean by that?)
– Vesper Kling: :)
– Leanna Caerndow: I see you’re having fun rofl (!!??)
Leanna Caerndow runs
– Vesper Kling: MY GOD!
– Vesper Kling: sh-t! you are pervcamming!
– Vesper Kling: i dont find my clothes hahahah
– Leanna Caerndow: *dies* :D
– Leanna Caerndow: woot \o/
– Leanna Caerndow: :]
– Vesper Kling: ;)
– Vesper Kling: where are u woman?? (I didnt even see the little minx)
– Leanna Caerndow: home :D come on over
– Vesper Kling: are everyone in iw pervcamming me on some large
screen on IDI? (IDI is InWorldz start island)

The background to this drama was that Vesper had sneaked out of the closet, went straight to inWorldz and found himself having troble to see himself. There was some kind of glitch when he  tried to save his shape. When he logged off and came back it was default again. The solution this time was to make a shape from basic in inventory, take it off and then back on again. Then relogg. (Grid monkeys are working on this issue atm). The old shapes in Iw is not working anymore, at least not with the new viewers as Kokua and singularity. So if you use an old shape and looks cloudy, you know what to do. Undress and begin from scratch. But watch out for Leanna :}


Shape: My own
Hair: Emo-tions
Skin: Mazzo Design
T-shirt: My own
Viewer: Kokua

To be  continued….


6 Comments to “Keep your clothes on InWorldz….”

  1. LMAO, I missed this :D
    Sort of.
    A little.

  2. oh god …. do we all have to go through this..??

  3. squishies both of you… i missed it :( Lea next time tp me lol

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