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December 10, 2013

A Dark Christmas Experience


Are you tired of that technicolored christmas? Then maybee you would like MadPeas Mad City Christmas. A dark experience :):) Even santa himself is for sale.

There are some shops tho with nice stuff if you are into christmas gifts, as Fabouzz awesome clothes:



Mad City Christmas:

My outfit is from Gizza

December 2, 2013

Confusion in the Metaverse


I had a conversation with a friend while I was grid jumping some (several…) weeks ago. Maybee not all ppl know that we can talk to friends in other grids while grid jumping.

And if you have an account in OSgrid you can sometimes even get a home in some of the smaller grids keeping your avie and inventory from Osgrid. So I had just jumped from OsGrid to Metropolis when I got this Im from a friend who lives in yet another world (lets call it Xgrid):

(my friend wanted to be anonymous in this conversation). 

– Friend: Hello! Turns out your name is lit up on my Friends list in “Xgrid”. Does that mean you are here? Or you are somewhere else?
– Mera.Kranfel: Im in Metropolis
– Friend: so which account are you using right now?
– Mera.Kranfel: OsGrid
– Friend: let me log my OSgrid account on
“Friend” is Online
– Mera Kranfel: Hi
– Friend: Hello!
– Mera Kranfel: so I have 2 “Mr Friend” now :D
– Friend: Think of the possibilities!
– Mera Kranfel: :}
– Friend: yeah, well you can tell that other “Friend” – i know what he’s saying about me behind my back
– Mera.Kranfel: so u are listening in on us? D:
– Friend: wasn’t intentional
– Mera.Kranfel: stalking yourself? uh huuu
– Friend: sorry, lol
– Mera.Kranfel: that Is creepy indeed
– Friend: it’s very weird, lol
– Friend: i’m trying to think of what it compares to…but i can’t, lol
– Mera.Kranfel: u just invented it
– Friend: Dueling “Friend” or Stereo “Friend”
– Mera.Kranfel: u make me totally confused man :)))
– Friend: and you thought one of me was a handful :)
– Mera.Kranfel: this is how you get the ladies on their back? bah
– Mera.Kranfel: spin them around til they are totally confused
– Friend: actually i never tried it this way before
– Mera.Kranfel: hahaahah
– Mera.Kranfel: so im the first victim, what an honour
– Friend: i’m going to log this account out before other people start IMing me…cuz I’m supposed to be on XX grid,
– Friend: and i’m confusing myself now
– Mera.Kranfel: ya u do that *spanks “Friend”*

Pic: my home, obviously, but in which grid? :}

November 18, 2013

Signed up – High Fidelity

high fidelity

Chance is there might be a Mera Kranfel of some kind in High Fidelity. I have signed up for Alpha testing as im a patient person. Do you have the stamina?

November 4, 2013

inWorldz – a makeover


So much has happenened this last year inWorldz so i felt it was time for a total makeover. I got inspired from Strawberry Sings posting some days ago and took a hard look at myself. Pink hair, ears and tail? Look here:  Hu uhh i suddenly felt so 2011. And last week some more of my SL friends have logged in to inWorldz to do some serious shopping so I felt the pressure D: Time for a change!  inWorldz got mesh now so I longed to throw away all my old stuff. The moths had eaten it anyhoo…

I started at Mimi´s Choise. I met Mimi and she offered her help. A very  nice lady indeed. She suggested a new shape for easier fit in the mesh clothes but im kind of attached to my own shape so I passed.

Eventually I found myself a new ao, dress and shoes. Then off to Damselfly and Milk for a new hairdo. Fun! :):)


To be able to see mesh you need to use inWorldz beta viewer or some other viewer that can handle mesh. If someone use old inworldz viewer we might appear as nekkid so to be safe i have undies and alpha layers on :O)

Having a presence inWorldz doesnt exclude Second Life. We can have both. Its nice to run off to a summer/winder cottage inWorldz when u need some change. It´s good to explore and its fun to make an avatar. If you want to export your shape between grids you need to use transfer shape and export/import via Singularity viewer for example. The shape must be created from inventory – new shape, to be transfer. Welcome to add me if you join us!


windlight settings: Strawberry Singh
Shape: my own
hair: Damselfly
skin: Pulse
dress: DE Designs at Mimis Choise
shoes: AlaFolie boots at Mimis Choise:
ao: Vista animations

October 9, 2013

The Long and Winding Road



The long and winding road led me to him. Pathfinder aka John Lester *_* My heroe in Virtual worlds and founder of The Hypergrid Adventurers Club. An idol for a grid hopper like me :O)

Pathfinder is a former Second Life employee and icon: “From 2005-2010, John worked at Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life. At Linden Lab he led the development of the education and healthcare markets while evangelizing the innovative use of virtual worlds in research, training and distance education.” Read more:

But now he has his own grid Pathlandia and I visited it the other day, jumping from OsGrid, and had a nice chat with John at his cosy campfire. The region is full of nice freebies and I got a box full of wonderful mesh flowers. Thanks John for your warm welcome and I will certainly try to attend next Hypergid adventure  <3

If you want to visit Pathlandia (of course you do!) HG adress is:

Read more:

Follow his blog if you are (or want to be) cunning and full of tricks:

The Long and Winding Road to John from Mera, his most persistent stalker:

“The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door” 


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