Pickup Lines – The Tail Fetishist

I get pickup lines in Second Life too sometimes. But definitely not as often as others it seems…. And they are seldom “explicit”. Instead more refined as this example:

– RunningScared: /me bites my lip, feeling my skin turn hot as i watch you strut by seductively. I smile gently to you as you walk by, tail swishing through the air
– Mera: ?
– RunningScared: sorry I didn’t mean to.. I mean I couldn’t help staring
– Mera: :))
– RunningScared: I’m a sucker for a woman with a tail in a t shirt
– Mera: well sl is flooded with them so u might get lucky :D
– RunningScared: lol naw, most of the girls with tails of some kind aren’t very subtle lol. It’s nice to see someone in something besides silks, dresses, and leather and lace

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