Happy midsummer and dont spank my hackney!

Me and my hackneys wishes you all a happy midsummer. Both in virtual worlds and in real life <3 Aren´t they beautyful?

Strangest thing is that some people just hate Hackneys! I cant understand why but its a matter of taste. I myself have troubles with Mustangs and clydes instead ;) Hackneys are cute and you can both breed them, ride them and go by sulky – great fun! And they have a lot of lovely colours.

So if you want to treet yourself with a virtual horse for this Midsummer, search for ABC horses or IM me inworld. Check out the homepage: ABC horses

7 Comments to “Happy midsummer and dont spank my hackney!”

  1. Happy Midsummer Mera!

    Och alla som firar midsommar med Mera :))

  2. Just a question, do you have to feed the horses? I’m about ready to replace my 2008 model McLeans buckskin. The thing is, I rarely go riding so if every time I rez it it’s dead of starvation, then it won’t work. hehehe. Are these the kind you have to feel all the time?

    • Yordie; both yes and no. If you buy a horse that is under 140 days old you have to feed it. It cost 95 L$ each month. But if the horse is more than 140 days its a “pet” and u cant breed it. At that age u can keep it in your inventory. The horse is only 14 prims so its not difficult to have rezzed either. He only eat 1 bale of hay each month so a young horse never cost more than 500 LD if you feed it until it is 140 days =) Some people sell them as pets too.

      • Thank you Mera… and they are all rideable? I’m guessing there’s an LM in your profile, so I’ll head over there after SL9B. And I hope your summer is great!! And hugs too.

        • Yes all are rideable but some of them can be used as sulky horses or sled horses too so watch out. Its nice to have a horse u can both ride and use a sulky or sled. So lets meet up and ill help you find a nice horse =) On the ABC homepage (se link above) you can see the different breeds and what skills they have. Some cant pull a wagon, they are only for riding and so on =)

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