SL9B Secret Passage

Great Yordie!

Being Yordie Sands

Ok, so you are finding that tp’ing directly into SL9B’s Welcome Area is not so easy? Yes, there are huge crowds pouring in there every day (I’ve rarely seen the overall crowd at less than 250) and most of them come through that main portal. Here’s a secret just between us, try this SLURL directly into Second Life New England’s exhibit. It’s a nice place to start in any event.

Everytime I’ve landed at the site there’s been a friendly person from SL New England there to greet me. You’ll proably find Ceorl there fishing or some of the other SLNE residents. There’s even freebies and wonderful displays of RL and SL New England photos. Here you can pull out your map, get your bearings and head off without all the hubbub of the main gate.

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