My spooky avatar part 2

Now it has happened again, my avie acts on her own. My former avie did this several times like i wrote in an earlier posting (link). But this is the first time i notice it with my main. I was standing in my stable zooming in my newborn foal and when i zoomed out again my avie was standing like this. Enchanted Miss Smythe looked a bit shocked behind me. Lucky enough I took a pic this time. But how did she climb up? I didn´t succeed when I tried again…. Does your avies behave like this? D:


5 Comments to “My spooky avatar part 2”

  1. never had that happen… but i have my own wierdnesses from time to time.

  2. Yes but only when you’re near.


  3. Yordie; Weirdness can be fun *hugss* :))
    Leanna; Pooh!

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