A picture worth 1000 words

Last night i dreamt

That somebody loved me

No hope no harm

Just another false alarm

Last night i felt

Real arms around me

No hope no harm

Just another false alarm……….


“So often you hear that a picture is worth 1000 words, I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that you can tell a story with a picture. I love how songs inspire us, how a song can evoke a picture in your head. There have been songs I’ve heard as of late, that I’ve felt compelled to try to convey through a picture. I’d like to challenge each of you bloggers to try the same.” ~ Cady Fretwerk

Read on in Divine Patterns and maybee contribute with your own picture and song?

My song to my picture:

7 Responses to “A picture worth 1000 words”

  1. what’s the challenge? maybe i need coffee but is it to make a picture or write a song?

    maybe some rap lyrics?

    trouble in the hood,
    two peanuts walking down the road.
    one was a salted.
    that ain’t no good.

    • I like salty peanuts! Peanuts without salt is just meeh. More coffe yes! :) you are just mocking me ;)
      Let a song inspire you to create a picture from it xxxx

  2. Oh this is lovely! Have to do this later

  3. Thanks so much for participating! I love your pic and your song choice!

    • Thanks a lot for this challenge! I love that song, it has a special meaning for me. For me the text tells us how hard it can be to have a relation in a vr… the relation so easily gets dizzy and fades away before our eyes. In the end it feels as if it was only a dream.


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