Birthday party and housewarming party 1 february!

Today is sweet Anna Looms real life BIRTHDAY! Congratulations lovely lady! Anna says: – I dont DO birthdays, but i do, I said (others ;) Jim Tarber asked me  -Will Anna be in her birthday suite? It’s only fair. It will be her birthday. :D  So I said:  the parcel is mature so that´s fine with me :} but…. “birthday suite” RL birthday it was. So nekkid avie or nekkid by the keyboard? Or both? :]

So tomorrow, 1 feb 12pm noon SLT, we are going to celebrate not only my new home in Second Life but also the smexy lady of many grids, Anna Loom. Lady Sakai will play a birthday tune for her and she will probably be upset by all the fuss but I hope she will have a great time too =))

All friends from all worlds are welcome =)

More information here: The Riddle – Housewarming party


4 Comments to “Birthday party and housewarming party 1 february!”

  1. No Comment! You are a sweetie – so theme is Sweet, sugary, good enough to eat for Sweet Mera!

  2. Great pic… i like your blog.

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