The name issue in Second Life

Information from Rodviks profile:

“Quick update on last names. Just fyi the team here has been working on solutions for this and it is taking longer than we thought. identity is important so we want the ability to have that wonderful shared experience the old last name system had but also not lose sight

of the fact that many people really do not want a name given to them, they want freedom to define their identity, finally we want to consider adding meaningful things like titles etc that can be awarded by the community or some other methods. Anyway bit more complicated than initially thought but progress is being made. Will have a baked plan sometime in February we think.”

Community awarded titles, didnt SL have that in their youth? I have a feeling I heard they tried it and it failed? Anyone knows about this?


9 Comments to “The name issue in Second Life”

  1. Looks to me LL will just put their big foot in it again as if display names had not caused enough trouble and confusion especially to noobs. Add titles that are given by the community and it becomes elitist with all that hierarchie nonsense. When you pay for something you don’t expect to be dictated to or forced into a particular group or community.

    There are role play games in SL with combat meters that can give titles anyway and you can choose to play or not. What LL appears to be doing now is turn SL into a video game with quests and hunts since they failed to turn it into a social network like Facebook. Once again we see LL dismantling the founding concept of “Your World, Your Imagination”. Now it will become “Your World, Rob Hubble’s imagination”.

    Thanks but no thanks. I would rather move on and put my money into the free Metaverse.

  2. Exactly I have a feeling this is a rerun of an oldie they ran long ago in SL. As you say big risk for elitism and it creates bad feelings between individuals instead. Yay for free metaverse, as long as you attend my party tonight xxxxxxx =)

    Yes they need a new founding concept- your world etc… i have to think about that one :]

  3. @ Gaga, I completely agree and I was suspecious about this from the very start when I saw where Rodvik came from (background).
    Im affraid that a lot of people will be very disapointed. All the hype from the start about Rodvik “getting it”. I never bought that … I was wiling to give the man a chance but no Rodvik does not “get it” at all
    As M before him he was brought onboard to bring the cash to the investors pockets. As M before him he dont see the potential of Second Life as it was created for … very simply a platform for people to create and socialise and develope themselves.
    M didnt get it
    Rodvik dont get it
    and the investors of Second Life certainly do NOT get it!

    Sad…very sad … they are killing the goose for simple greed *shakes head* Stupidity of man never cease to amaze me

    • Agrees; simple greed has killed many promising ideas and businesses….. Why do they gape over the mass market as everyone else? Why not excel in their own niche market and be best at what they do? Market it as “SL is NOT for everyone” Its The Metaverse, no more but no less.

  4. I look at platforms like Second Life as THE most social kind of network. Facebook doesn’t even hold a candle to the kind of social connections you can make with a virtual world and avatars as tools for that connection.

    Facebook and other flat boring web platforms like it may serve a purpose. But you won’t catch me in there for hours and hours click click clicking “like” on things. How shallow! There is a huge amount of people out there that desire a deeper experience. An actual “second” life… how novel!

    What SL has is something unique in all the digital metaverse, with amazing immersive content and experiences that you just cannot get in a flat media like a webpage viewed on an iphone or android.

    While both are viable forms of connecting and communication, they are two completely different things. There is no way that Facebook could even begin to INSPIRE the kind of growth, and explosion of creativity that Second Life does. It’s just not possible. It cannot happen in that kind of one dimensional world. There’s no way that Facebook could even begin to rival the complexity of virtual worlds, and as social media platforms these worlds perform completely different functions. One…. a flat communication style of statements and images and short reactions to those statements. In my experience through the years… even the reactions and actual “thought” that people put into their replies on web based social media platforms like Facebook and even Twitter is decreasing immensely, so that now people only give a glance and hit a like button or a share button, so overwhelmed in the flood of other posts to hit “like” on or barely give thought or consideration to. And in such a way, true communication is lost, the true potential of social interaction is whored away by the Like button. Facebook is a thief of time and a giver of such little value… at least to the users. To the diabolical minds behind it it is a storehouse of stolen identities and metrics on every aspect user data. A marketers wet dream. Not very inspiring, huh?

    When people want a change of pace and actually want to have a REAL social interaction, attend a party, relax with friends from around the world in a massive variety of interactive scenes, and fantastical immersive locations…. kicking back on the beach in a virtual representation of themselves (avatars), in a high-rise penthouse party, a magical glowing faerie forest…. then they come to virtual worlds like Second Life and a whole growing network of other virtual worlds like it.

    In the quest to be like other platforms…. Second Life will lose the unique identity that makes it so incredible. It will lose US… who are it’s very identity.

    Wake up Second Life…. remember who we are.


    • Boudica; OMG! This comment is a brilliant blogpost actually. I wish i had written it myself. you are an excellent writer, no more than that. Amazing! I agree in all u say and im speechless. I so wish LL would read this…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • *hits the like button like crazy*
      *claps and cheers*
      Brilliant. You hit the nail on the head. Nothing to add.

  5. Oh yes, Boudica nails it most eloquently. She is absolutely right and Lady Saki said it all too. LL is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    It’s sad since we all grew little wings of imaginative flight in Second Life and it’s seems kind of like flying the nest to move on to the brave new world of multiple grids. I do and I don’t have regrets…

    How can I regret the open Metaverse which allows me at a sensible price to develop and be even more creative?

    • of course Gaga, you cant regret that. I was for example only 2 months old in SL when i started to grid hop. For me is no big thing, iv always done it. Now im back in SL for a while again but I guess its cos of nostalghia mostly :)

      I guess my main grid is OsGrid as I have 2 regions it that grid atm..and it makes me feel rich

      Its a shame LL dont seem to realise what a golden goose they have.

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