Quote from *Becoming someone else*: “It didn’t take long for me to see people role playing everywhere. Maybe I was like the hammer who saw everything as a nail, but I looked at my friends who DJ’ed in Second Life and were moms in real life. I looked at hostesses, Coast Guard captains, gender swappers, event organizers, club owners and eventually, people presenting themselves as anyone other than the person they are in real life.”

Being Yordie Sands

iRez salon is an online magazine with over two dozen contributors, including me.

I want to point you to a two-part article I wrote, “Becoming Someone Else” which explores one of iRez’s favorite topics, Identity. The idea for the post was sparked by Ravanel’s post, “Avatars and Identity – An Introduction.”

Avatar identity in Second Life is somewhat different from other games. Many people want to be the same person they are in real life. Some assume they are the same as they are in real life and don’t recognize they’ve become very different. Other people, often gamers, have no trouble jumping right into a new identity. Regardless of what your preference is, you might find as I did, the choices you make create a path to becoming someone else.

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  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. It’s a big topic on iRez. a lot of different points of view. One thing i’ve noticed, everyone seems to have their own slant on this subject. And maybe that is as it should be.

    • I recognize me cos I have always had the same opinion. Almost all shapeshifts here. Some ppl in their model shapes are even further from their RL self than I am in my dragon shape :O)

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