Morph yourself

I have such horrible dark circles under my eyes IRL so I´d fit in a vampire movie. I have had it since i was a kid, almost worse than my skin in SL.  :}

Anyhoo yesterday I found THE soultion! I´m totally in love with: “Garniers Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2 in 1 tinted Eye Roll on”  *_* I got a new life (sorry for the ad, they dont even pay me). They could use it as a “before and after”, major difference dont u think? The dark circles comletely gone on the left side! :}

So eventually I dared make a new horrid morph pic. I just hate morphs dont u?  But I want to see your morphs too, Its like an itch, i hate them but i cant refrain from looking at them.  If u dare post a link here. Yes its a challenge  :D

Ds. Its a bit easier to mix if your avie dont have such an extreme skin and a good quality on your RL pic…

Link: More Second Life morphs here

Link: Real Life Morphs

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8 Comments to “Morph yourself”

  1. You and me both -_- There’s nothing you can do and no amount of sleep or sunlight (eek! lol) will get rid of them, grrr.
    And omg you look gorgeous! *_*

    • Yes i know, its a matter of how the light falls too. But i guarantee this is the best i tested so far (besides from photoshop that is…). Nah not at all, not compared to you xxxxx I so need psp ;)

  2. Cmon, let’s see an RL closeup…lol

    • Would you do that? :] My advice to u all is actually to never upload a high resolution pic on the net and never the whole face cos of facial recognitions tools…. Morphs should be fairly safe though.

  3. Mera i would love to do a picture like your, how do i do it? I looked at internet to find some page to do it on, but all it gives me is picture in picture. I want side by side

    • Yes Helene a lot of the morphs on internet mixes pictures. You can use Gimp or photoshop if you want to blend it together a bit. Gimp is a freeware and you can find tutorials on youtube :)

  4. lol, unfortunately, i look just like my AV in real life – my wings get all wrinkled in most blouses =)

    don’t get me started on my hollow tube hair! =D

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