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April 19, 2013

High Fidelity or Infidelity?

Philip Rosedales last project High Fidelity is a bit of a surprise as i remember his comment about virtual worlds 2011:

“The problem with creating an immersive 3-D experience is that it is just too involved, and so it’s hard to get people to engage,” he said. “Smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, people looking for companionship, they love it. But you have to be highly motivated to get on and learn to use it” – Philip Rosedale 2011

He made us residends of virtual worlds feel like mentally challenge people. I got a bit pissed off and wrote a blog about it: Broken People in Second Life

I felt wtf! I work fulltime and I fall asleep in the sofa if i watch TV. When i have spare time i want to have some fun. What´s the problem?

Read on about High Fidelity here: 


So he will let us “lonely poor handicapped” ppl come out from our scruffy closet now and join? :}

January 6, 2013

Party in the Cloud – My first Cloud Party

This Friday I visited my first party in Cloud Party. 25 avies was present at the same time and 5-6 of them from Sweden! Even Yohan dropped by, long time no see :D I dunno if more came after i logged off though. I had no lag whatsoever on high settings, it was amazing and music stream quality was brilliant. I hope this will be a tradition in Cloud Party at Thoy´s Club, URL:

Estelle came in this beautyful dress she had created (psp pic):

You dont need a Facebook account nowadays to log in to Cloud Party and you can also log in as a guest. Even if FB is a very easy way to access it and you bring your friendlist with you. If other FB friends logs in you already have them in your list. There are often mentors at the start place but the interface is very easy to learn so you should be fine anyohoo. Add me if you want. Welcome!

Party links:

The world is new and need a lot of building but its a builders paradise. The building tools are amazing and physic too. Easy and free to upload mesh. There are public sandboxes and you get a free home when u have done your “goals”. If u have trouble building in sandboxes first time it might be a bug. Relogging usually helps. So dont judge it before you have looked hard at it. And yes im the blue 1 :O)

September 12, 2012

Second Life goes Steam!?

“The change has come gradually starting with Mesh and some simple quest games on the new Linden Realms. Then came their faltering attempts to roll out Pathfinder tools, and now they announce the Lab’s intention to get listed on Steam, albeit very quietly.” ~ Gaga Gracious

Inspired by this I tried Drone War with a friend the other day. Got killed of course as an atomic bomb detonated right into my face D: (Even if im dead my make up and hair still looks ossum :}

SLurl DroneWar:

More in Gaga Gracious last brilliant posting, read on: Second Life the Video Game according to Iron Man Rodvik

Linden Lab are obviously trying to get Second Life listed on the Steam Commity:

Second Life community is boiling (or steaming?) right now…. To be continued…

May 24, 2012

A happy family?

Cut from Twitter (the worst gossip ghetto ever if u ask me! :)) some days ago;

@Leanna_IW -@misosusanowa is pregnant. @MeraKranfel did it \o/

@onlyalexhayden -*Spits coffee across room before sussing conversation is about Horses…

@Leanna_IW -LMAO! they did it while I was gone :O

@jimtarber -What, are you jealous you weren’t part of the impregnation?

@Leanna_IW -I wanted to watch :D

@AnnaLoom -Horses? That makes it even worse .. omg

@MeraKranfel -my pleasure :]

@misosusanowa -I categorically deny any horsing around in my name!

@onlyalexhayden -Whatever you do Anna, don’t let Mera pull you to the dark side of SL
Horses…if you do, you’ll be breeding them before too long….. :D

@AnnaLoom -so now I know what the reason was when I always rode my bike to Pony club :)

(The horses, bunneh and human in the pic are totally innocent)

March 10, 2012

A free world via your Twitter account – Kitely [EDITED]

My world, Ba Doom, was born today in Kitely ! I used my Twitter account to set it up so I can allow my Twitter followers to visit it for free if I upgrade later. I need to explore the world a bit more first.

The region is open for public visits but you have to use your own minutes in Kitely as I only have a freebie account so far. If you register you will get 120 minutes on your freebie account. Its also possible to close the world to others than your Twitter or Facebook friends if you log in via these services. So its very smooth! (Use the tag *Kitely* to read earlier postings about this world).

Welcome to region Ba Doom (use search to find it), the swedish archipelago. Congrats on your birthday little sim <3

DS The first region in Second Life was Da Boom on the old mainland Sansara ;)

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