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October 1, 2013

The Basic Building Block of the Universe


Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe ~ Frank Zappa

Pic from Cloud Party, Reflection:

And yes, you can build with blocks in Cloud Party but that´s not stupid, it´s a good thing :)

August 28, 2013

On Missing…


Thank you Nara. It says it all <3

August 18, 2013

Drax Files confirms: The world should stop believing that Second Life residents are sad and socially inept!

I reblog this because I very much approve of what she says and I dont agree with how the public makes prejudgments about worlds like this. Of course there are socially inept and socially challenged ppl in Second life but Iv seen a lot of them in real life too… Especially in Facebook – inventing a dreamlife for themselves. Ppl are just afraid of things they dont understand and have tried themselves, that´s why worlds like these have to take so much sh-t I think. There is no more s-x and violence in SL than on the internet as a whole, quite the opposite I would say. 

slum magazine

Tiffany at home

By Cat Boccaccio.

I love fashion and dress up In Second Life (and I know you do too), so I was looking forward to the final cut of Draxtor Despres’ interview with Elie Spot, co-founder and proprietor of the Mayfair shops, Mon Tissu and Celoe. While it is fascinating to take a peek behind the scenes of one of Second Life’s most successful fashion houses, a main takeaway for me from Draxtor’s latest World Maker machinima is the observation of its subject, Elie Spot, who is puzzled at the popular misconception that virtual world denizens are “hiding” and somehow socially inept. She finds it strange and disconcerting that such generalizations are projected onto a “whole culture of people” who happen to converse and interact online.

at wacom tablet

Fashion diva Elie Spot’s RL avatar, Tiffany Mitchell, has a robust, active and creative life in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a beautiful and successful business…

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August 13, 2013

Let the Sky Fall…


“Let the sky fall” – It doesnt matter. I felt like that before all this happened. Safe. And now? Dressed in black, is Alessia Kranfel aka Mera, only an avatar in a game (Second Life)? Is missing a, mostly, “virtual” friend of less value than missing a friend in “real” life?

“… who we are in “real life” is who we are online. If we have superficial relationships in which we don’t invest time and attention in the flesh, we will have superficial relationships online. If we care to invest in deep and lasting friendships and community, we will find them both in the flesh and online.”

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We also need some kind of closure when we lose someone, when the sky has fallen down upon us.  Otherwise its easy to get stuck in the dark. I guess that is a human flaw. We need rituals to handle major changes in life.

Mera Almost RL - 1_400

Ya.. a bloody half a face again, sorry. Only my most trusted friends get the “whole Mera” without even asking. What ever they want her or not <3

You may have my number,
you can take my name,
But you’ll never have my heart

August 11, 2013

Joy in Kitely, Tears InWorldz

This saturday started in joy but ended in tears. It was a day of mixed feelings. Ups and downs. But I guess life is like that sometimes. I started the day with having a long talk with an old friend from Swedish SL. That was really nice.  It was good to talk to her again after she have had more or less a break for a while.

0Frogg Marlow_001

In the evening (my evening) Effinjay  (Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico) had a live performance in Kitely. In fact I think it might have been the first Live perfomance in Kitely(?)  Allen Partridge at Virtually Human had arranged it and the sound, music and performance was great. I can really recommend them, in any world :) In the end i think we were more than 20 avatars and thats fairly good for Kitely that time of day I think. Thank you all, I had a wonderful time.



Virtually Human:


Late this evening ArtWolf, Leanna, Alizarin, Wizzy and Miso helped me to say a last goodbye to Sven Idyll inWorldz. I didnt want to make this last goodbye bigger because It was too hard as it was. I could only have a few close friends around at this moment. ArtWolf  held a beautyful speach and i was in tears when she was finished. She told me I had to let go.  -But I dont want to, I said. She said i must. I dont know… if i can, but I know I have to.

0last memoria11_001


My dearest friends, I dont know what I would do without you <3

I know my blog postings are a maybee even more boring and uninpired nowadays than before, the sparkle is gone. I hope to find it again if i keep trying…

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