inWorldz – a makeover


So much has happenened this last year inWorldz so i felt it was time for a total makeover. I got inspired from Strawberry Sings posting some days ago and took a hard look at myself. Pink hair, ears and tail? Look here:  Hu uhh i suddenly felt so 2011. And last week some more of my SL friends have logged in to inWorldz to do some serious shopping so I felt the pressure D: Time for a change!  inWorldz got mesh now so I longed to throw away all my old stuff. The moths had eaten it anyhoo…

I started at Mimi´s Choise. I met Mimi and she offered her help. A very  nice lady indeed. She suggested a new shape for easier fit in the mesh clothes but im kind of attached to my own shape so I passed.

Eventually I found myself a new ao, dress and shoes. Then off to Damselfly and Milk for a new hairdo. Fun! :):)


To be able to see mesh you need to use inWorldz beta viewer or some other viewer that can handle mesh. If someone use old inworldz viewer we might appear as nekkid so to be safe i have undies and alpha layers on :O)

Having a presence inWorldz doesnt exclude Second Life. We can have both. Its nice to run off to a summer/winder cottage inWorldz when u need some change. It´s good to explore and its fun to make an avatar. If you want to export your shape between grids you need to use transfer shape and export/import via Singularity viewer for example. The shape must be created from inventory – new shape, to be transfer. Welcome to add me if you join us!


windlight settings: Strawberry Singh
Shape: my own
hair: Damselfly
skin: Pulse
dress: DE Designs at Mimis Choise
shoes: AlaFolie boots at Mimis Choise:
ao: Vista animations


4 Responses to “inWorldz – a makeover”

  1. You look gorgeous! ( I love Mimi!)


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