Ye come seeking adventure and salty pirates?


Ye come seeking adventure and salty pirates, eh? Aye, you’ve come to the proper place. You seek the legend. You seek Captain Jack Sparrow. But heed this warning: only a true pirate be fit to sail with Captain Jack. And that methinks is a perilous voyage for even the bravest of seafarers. So, then, who among you thinks ye has what it takes to join Captain Jack’s ruddy crew? Say ‘aye!'”

Then u came to the right place, inWorldz. My new neighbour seems to be 1 of these “salty” thingies. At least the ship is bigger than my parcel… welcome to Midsommar Liberty Lighthouse! Look at the ship from here, iwURL:

This is also the memory place for Sven Idyll. Last week, after almost 2 months, I changed from my black clothes to a white dress and it felt good. But I still miss him and I will always do. But with the kind of friends I have here I will always be ok, its impossible not to be. You know who you are <3  And I have total confidence in this grid. At least as long as Tranquillity and Jim Tarber are grid monkeys. The warmth and kindness I have met here I havent met anywhere else. Not this unconditionally. Even if I starts to grid hop and dont log in for a long period, they always welcome me back with the same affection  :`)  <3

3 Comments to “Ye come seeking adventure and salty pirates?”

  1. You are a good friend. If you are on some other grid, that just gives me another place to visit. (Although I never seem to have enough time to be online even in my own region these days.) But more time in InWorldz at least makes that a bit likely. Maybe I can drop by some time and you can introduce me to Liberty. Hope to see you around, on any grid. It’s not the grids, it’s the people.

    • Jim, <3 that has to be enough. I know how busy u are. Im so tired atm so im not much "in world" either…more irl nowadays. but I know where to find you and Leanna even if you are not in a VW, take care ***Hugggsss***

  2. FYI, I don’t really know how to spread the word or if you’ll see this in time but finally making it back to SL at a specific time… I’ll be DJing in *SL* on Sunday (July 27) at noon SLT at Wizard Gynoid’s opening at LEA. Probably see some familiar faces in that crowd. ;)

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