A Virtual World can be Beautyful but…

Some regions are ugly some are beautyful but in the end, how you experience the world depends on your graphic card and your computer…

This photo (all pics from OsGrid) is in Ultra mode with dept of field enabled:


I dont have the best graphic card so it could look nicer but anyhoo, next pic is in Medium graphic mode which is fairly ok but no shadows so I never use it:


and next in Low graphic mode (which i hope you only use in desperate situations as laggy events and such) O.o This is NOT how you should see the world (in this case OsGrid):


Upgrading the graphic card doesnt have to be that expensive. Virtual Worlds dont crave the worst high end stuff. I dont think i would log in if i had to run it on low all the time… If you use a laptop its a bit difficult because you cant just change the graphic card. Desktops is a lot easier to upgrade. Tho you will come to a point where even your desktop is too old of course. But then, RL is not that bad :)


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