Shava Nerad: Dear Linden Lab — you really blew it

Linden Lab, Second Life and their creators by +Shava Nerad:

You agree that the license includes the right to copy, analyze and use any of your Content as Linden Lab may deem necessary or desirable for purposes of debugging, testing, or providing support or development services in connection with the Service and future improvements to the Service.

“This means that not only +Tuna Oddfellow’s art, but the way we present it and the methods of the Odd Ball and the Cathedral Effect that we present as entertainment and therapeutics in Second Life are conceivably Linden Labs’ property if we present them in Second Life. We didn’t see this until today, and it wasn’t presented to users in any prominent way. Please consider any presentations we’ve done since the change in TOS as lacking due notice.

This is heinous and contrary to every aspect of creator centered culture that#lindenlab and #secondlife has promoted, and if you don’t pull back on this policy I’m going to actively encourage creators in SL to pull out.Tuna just had his eighth rezday, and I’m coming up on mine. Back in the day we were both key performers at SLCCs, and represented the community at academic and research conferences and confabs of various sorts, too, often alongside Pathfinder/John Lester in the Boston medical and university communities.

We’ve seen this project through a lot of ups and downs and continued to stick with it. But you have to support our rights as creators to our own material, or we can’t continue here. It makes no sense. It’s hostile, and clueless on your part.I know Rodvic came out of the gaming community but this is a serious game for us — we aren’t here to throw our time away — we want to retain value. We aren’t some young Elvis types who don’t know how to read a contract and will throw our talent and time down the hole in a privy because we were raised in a barn.

Even if we trusted you (which, frankly, LL has given us reason to not hold perfect trust over the years — I’ll remember the purge that lost us Pathfinder and many other of the Lindens, for example, and gutted support), the company could be sold with our assets as part of the deal and you would have no control over it.

What in the world are you thinking, taking my stuff like this?

We should be dumping tea in your harbor.

No, never, mind. We should just pick up our toys, and leave. It’s not worth it any more. So sad.


Oddfellow Studios has gone pitch dark, with nothing but a notecard giver with this essay on it.

I encourage other creators to turn their sims dark too, nothing but black and a notecard giver explaining the new TOS and why we have left nothing behind but a protest.

You really blew it

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11 Responses to “Shava Nerad: Dear Linden Lab — you really blew it”

  1. Here here! I totally agree! I am also considering pulling all my artwork out of LL, but unfortunately for me I have a lot of artwork that has sold over the years so even if I delete it from my inventory and purge all rezzed copies of it, there will still be some of it floating around in the grid.

    • Esch thanks for your comment! It seems ppl comment less in blogs nowadays. Ppl read but comment in facebook, Twitter or Google+. The posting i got most comments about this last year was the red dress blog not long ago. I only got 2 comments here tho. And maybe 50 in G+ (i dont remember exactly. But it turned out to be a major drama generator that dress :)) so ppl have new habits it seem… tc :)

  2. I needed to edit my above post but can’t because I screwed up my email address. Sorry for this 2nd post. I wanted to have it set so I can see replies via email, lol.

  3. I went beyond just putting black up, I deleted all my content, (Empyreal Dreams) including from inventory (don’t be naive and forgot that if you are deleting your stuff).

    I have worked in graphics professionally for 20 years, from high profile video game companies to national newspapers and print, and I am very used to dealing with copyright and patents lawyers.

    To the apologists who state this is just to allow linden labs to fuse second life with other content systems from corporations they buy, please don’t be so stupid.

    These are the most draconian terms of service I have ever seen in my long career on any software product.

    They give Linden Labs the right to do literally anything with your product whilst doing nothing but acknowledging you are the creator and copyright holder at the point you read the terms.

    They have literally used one point of law to destroy another.

  4. I need to ask: more draconian TOS than Renderosity itself?

    I think that LL does not care what the peasants think -and yes, you -paying $400/mo- are a peasant.

    This has the feel of finality to it; it feels like they’re setting SL in position to sold off, or to be set up as a centerpiece to an acquisition of Linden Labs itself.

  5. Just in case anyone takes my statement literally let me clarify: when I say “you are peasant” what I literally mean is “LL sees you as a peasant, regardless of how much money you are paying them”.

  6. I think Second Life has back ups of ALL our inventory. I haven’t put anything new in Second Life for quite some time because I just don’t trust them :-(


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