There are always flowers for those who wants to see them


Each time I come home from work I log in to my virtual sanctuary, at least for some minutes before dinner. I place my avatar on a bench and tend to my real life stuff. But I can see her from a distance and It feels so peaceful.

Real life is a bit of a challenge right now but that is how things are. When we find ourselves in situations like this  we have to remember to take our time to heal whenever we get the chance. A real life walk with the dogs, in front of the TV with the kids or in a beautyful virtual place. Whatever works for you.

I also avoid people and places, both virtual and in reality, that makes me feel uneasy because they would only add to the strain. Look very hard at forums and social media activities for example, is that “high school dramaqueen” really worth the suffering? Or is it time to take a step back?

It is a choise, everyone can do it.

There are always flowers for those who wants to see them ~ Henri Matisse


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6 Comments to “There are always flowers for those who wants to see them”

  1. Next time you’re in SL and see my online, IM (I’ll do the same) me, and I’ll take you around my sim where I feel I’ve built one of those peaceful and relaxing virtual places you might be looking for.

  2. Sometimes I log in from work and sit my avi somewhere relaxing while I do battle with the day! Luckily I’m self-employed so I have this privilege, but otherwise, yes I do something similar from home… perhaps sit my avi on a beach while in RL I read a book in my room while it rains outside. Sometimes I think “do I really need SL for this? I could just imagine I’m on a beach – isn’t that the same?”

    • aw we do the same :) Before we had computers, we had pictures or TV instead. But this way we can design our environment exactly the way we want it. And because our avie is present in this environment it feels more immersive? I think this is stronger than pure imagination..

  3. Such good advice. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Omg I cant give advice, I need it myself. I so admire your writing Nara *_* i wish sometimes i could write in my first language…. but no one would read it anyho. I will never reach the dept in my second language and sometimes that makes me feel sad. Im writing this in bed now so time to sleep :)


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