Full Perm Mesh

Thanks to Talla I found this wonderful dress and more, so I had to share it:

Full Perm Rigged Mesh Tank Dress with front Frills
“After reading up and looking at the meliimako web site I found you can buy the Mesh clothes as full perm items that may be downloaded to Opensim grids provided the seller’s terms are honored.  Thank you +scott taylor for drawing attention to the site. [EDIT] You can get the dress from Duuzo.com
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6 Comments to “Full Perm Mesh”

  1. This is wrong. But as usual, the OpenSim community doesn’t care about SL licensing and general right. They grab whatever is possible.

    The items in SL and on the Marketplace are only for use in Second Life!

    Terms and conditions:
    10. One item can be licensed to only one avatar. Buying one item and transferring it to your alt avatars or colleagues is not allowed.

    To use Meli’s creations in other grids, you have to buy the much more expensive source files from duuzo.com

    Terms and conditions:
    :: If I buy your source files can I upload them to other grids and use or sell them there?
    Yes you can. Please note than my terms and conditions for Second Life are valid for other grids too. The terms and conditions are also valid for my source files you purchase on Duuzo.com

    If you or Talla take licensing seriously, you should ask for detailed terms in the comments below Meli’s terms and conditions page.

  2. No Gordon, You are wrong. Before you attack the whole open sim community as if you know everyone in it personally. you should pay attention to what was said above!

    Talla says “After reading up and looking at the meliimako web site I found you can buy the Mesh clothes as full perm items that may be downloaded to Opensim grids provided the seller’s terms are honored.”

    This is in fact correct! If you buy from the Website you can upload to other grids as long as you stick to the TOS.

    However! If you buy from within second life, or the second life marketplace. Then you can only use them in SL.

    Other grid users should purchase the source files from https://duuzo.com/Default.aspx

    However, coming late into the conversation, i apologize if this was resolved already and will pull my neck in :P x

    • Thank you “Anonymous” for your answer. This posting became a major drama in another social media:


      But eventually we solved it thank god! A few weeks after we laugh at it and no one bought the dress :)

      This was 1 of my worst postings ever – i didnt have a clue it would stir up so much drama lhama.

      Similar has happened to me before, some years ago. A totally boring posting (a reblogg) was misinterpreted by a swedish gay man and he had a hate campaign about me in his own blog due to that misunderstanding. We still dont talk to each other because of that.

      These days ppl dont always comment in blogs and that may give u an impression things are slowing down, which they aren´t … ;)

      Take care!

  3. I went to this site but there’s not much there. Nothing I’ve already bought and textured. Just a few things. Do u have to contact her about the other items? or what? On duuzo.com the items are not as nice either as on SL. Just saying. I’m looking for full perm shoes for Inworldz, preferably mesh.

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