Second Lifes gets a second chance?

It may finally be ready for the rest of the world

“Linden Lab will soon introduce a version of SL that runs on Oculus Rift, the widely admired virtual reality headset (which just secured $15 million in funding). This move echoes a prediction made by original Second Life investor Mitch Kapor, who insisted to me back in 2009 – after SL’s major hype had cooled – that it would still become a mass-market product.

“I think it’s all a question of what’s the appropriate time frame,” Kapor said then. “The interaction metaphor is not going to be a mouse and keyboard.” Based on the growing buzz over the Rift, the right metaphor may finally be here.”

If you havent read this already, read On:


2 Comments to “Second Lifes gets a second chance?”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this coming out – my OR is safely tucked into it’s box at the moment, but I’m looking forward to the day that I can take it out, strap it on to my head, and wander around some of my favourite sims.

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