The wonders of OpenSim


I was supposed to work from home this weekend, too much work irl,  but I had to take a break and log in to OsGrid. I have no home in OsGrid so I live in a sandbox. Im rebuilding my RL home so its a mess and my main computer is in a box somewhere.

I felt restless so I decided to Hypergrid jump. Cool grid End of the Metaverse didnt respond (tho i succeeded to enter it later) so i started with Metropolis instead . The receptionist Bertha was asleep, standing sleeping as a horse, when I showed up. Middle of the day…Piles of paper all over the place.  Metropolis seems to have hard conditions for their staff. Iv never heard she have had vacation, ever, poor thing.

Extra special about Metropolis is that it has a web chat function you can use when you cant be logged in to a viewer. I wish all worlds had that. Link:

I miss my region in OsGrid, maybee its time to start again, some day… tho im not sure I can wake up my old server again. Sven always helped me before, when i got stuck :´( If I get started again I will dedicate a place for him on my region, as it was because of him I discovered the wonders of OpenSim.


HG links;

Metropolis: *metropolis*

End of the Metaverse:

How to Hypergrid:

3 Comments to “The wonders of OpenSim”

  1. just fyi, you can run your own opensim instance in Metropolis also, for free, in case you did now know this…they have a pre-configured version on their website and help via their forums or the main Metropolis[en] group you can join…


  2. Thanks for the endofthemetaverse visit and mention in your blog. And hypergridders like you are always welcome to set-up a free home on the mainland here. You would have some great neighbors.

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