Let the Sky Fall…


“Let the sky fall” – It doesnt matter. I felt like that before all this happened. Safe. And now? Dressed in black, is Alessia Kranfel aka Mera, only an avatar in a game (Second Life)? Is missing a, mostly, “virtual” friend of less value than missing a friend in “real” life?

“… who we are in “real life” is who we are online. If we have superficial relationships in which we don’t invest time and attention in the flesh, we will have superficial relationships online. If we care to invest in deep and lasting friendships and community, we will find them both in the flesh and online.”

Read on: http://revdavidh.blogspot.se/2013/07/real-or-virtual.html

We also need some kind of closure when we lose someone, when the sky has fallen down upon us.  Otherwise its easy to get stuck in the dark. I guess that is a human flaw. We need rituals to handle major changes in life.

Mera Almost RL - 1_400

Ya.. a bloody half a face again, sorry. Only my most trusted friends get the “whole Mera” without even asking. What ever they want her or not <3

You may have my number,
you can take my name,
But you’ll never have my heart


3 Comments to “Let the Sky Fall…”

  1. *hugs the pretty lady* <3

    • @Leanna, you little princess, dont lie to the old lady. ill pay the rent anyhoo so u dont have to butter up :} <3 ;)

      Sorry im emo 24/7 i will shape up but give me a couple of weeks… The pic is as gloomy as I look atm. But it has a "history", taken in july..so it has a special meaning to me. And I use it more as a symbol of my sharing here (i certainly dont share it all, not voluntarily at least) and to empasize we are all humans behind the pixels. I think that is important to remember. Truth is a lot of ppl dont…

      (I´ll tell you the story nxt time i see you) *hugss back*

  2. Ack, how did I miss that :( You don’t have to apologise for being sad!! Take all the time you need. And yes, a lot of people seem to forget that there’s real people with real feelings behind the screen. *hugs you some more for good measure*

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