To be true

When a friend passes away it feels like time slows down. And people often show their true colours.

A person I hadn´t talked to for a very long time sent me a im last week. We have had a complicated relation so I was surprised to hear from her. She said she hadnt been that nice to Sven commenting in his blogs, but she was very very sorry this happened. That felt very sincear and I appreciate it a lot Gitt. Especially as our relation wasnt the best. That makes it worth even more <3

On the other hand I saw that an unpleasant person had commented on some blogs (nekrologs) dedicated to my friend where “she” calls him “her” friend. “She” sent him a message some days before he passed away, yes that is true. As soon as “she” saw him in my profile. But “she” forgot to tell you that “she” did it to cross examine him about me, as he told me himself right after.

Though “she” had promised me to never disturb me or my friends again. I have saved that promise but it wasnt worth anything obviously. It is deceitful to lie in a comment in a nekrolog and you will get bad karma from this.

He wasnt “her” friend, never. And I am sure he wouldnt like to be remembered as that. In fact he was trying to help me get rid of this person.

So I got comfort from a person I hadnt counted on and got even more hurt by another person. Small things matters. We need to remember that.

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