The Metaverse may be Eternal, but the Sunshine is gone

Thank you all for your condolences both in world and in different blogs or mail. And a special thank you to Svens real life family members who took their time to visit his memorial place and talk to me about him and about life *warm huggs* <3

We never know how much time we have left. Seize the day and take care of each other (down to the smallest spider). It is so easy to forget…


I still have his platform in Second Life, where he performed all his experiments with materials, viewers and other techie stuff. He devoted a lot of his time to try to help us all get a better experience of these worlds.

I think seeing him standing on this platform is something most of his friends remember him by, from pictures in his blog.

Han fattas mig :´(


One Comment to “The Metaverse may be Eternal, but the Sunshine is gone”

  1. Ohh my.. Very sad to hear this. Even if just had a very brief acquaintance with him feeling of loss comes…

    Lots of love to his family and friends. May the light shine on his path where he is now.

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