Memorial place for Sven Idyll inWorldz


I managed to pull myself together and arranged a small memorial place for Sven Idyll inWorldz as this is the place were we first met some years ago. (I will quit my premium account and abandone my 512 parcel in SL, in less than a month, so this is my only solution).

This picture is the last of us together 19 of july. I thought of cutting myself out for this occasion, but he looked so lonely when I did so I let it be. This is a wonderful memory for me. He was happy and both his RL and virtual life looked bright. In fact, its the same life… as we only have one.

You are welcome to sit on the bench and relax for as long as you want. And please take a special rose as a memory of him.

If you want to visit and still doesnt have a inWorldz account you can register for free here:


Address inWorldz Url:

The sim name is Midsommar if  the Url dont work use map (ctrl + m) and the parcel is located on the west side of the sim.

In this blog: If you search for Sven or use the tag Sven Idyll (to right) you can find older postings where he is mentioned. (continue to click “older posts” at the bottom until you found them all). Sorry to say my old blog is closed so the postings here is only from july 2011.

I still cant belive this is happening….


3 Comments to “Memorial place for Sven Idyll inWorldz”

  1. So sorry about the news, but you’ve done the nicest thing you can with your remembrances on InWorldz and here on your blog.


  2. … and from your comment on Blanche’s blog I now found your place. I really love what you have done for my father, Sven Idyll. Very beautiful and sweet of you!

    // Svens daughter IRL

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